Facts About Michael Dell and the Dell Brand of Computers

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Facts About Michael Dell and the Dell brand of Computers

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To everyone, Michael Dell’s rise to fame and fortune is an unusual youngster’s story tinkering at business at a young age. But just how it all began and what are the driving forces that ultimately led this famous man behind the best selling computer brand?

1. Michael Dell was born 23 February 1965, to an orthodontist father and stockbroker mother in Houston, Texas. Her mother’s affiliation may have been a factor that had driven him early at business.

2. At age 12 he started into business by forming a direct marketing company which offered national stamp auction through mail. He earned $2,000 from this venture, quite a sum of money for his age.

3. His first computer was an Apple II computer he got from Radio Shack which he dismantled just to know how it worked on the inside.

4. He was 16 when he got the concept of selling subscriptions to the Houston Post during the summer. He got his prospects list from marriage and mortgage applications learning that newlyweds and people moving to new homes are more likely to buy subscriptions. He earned $18,000 from this venture by the end of that year and bought three computers and a brand new car.

5. He started a business of upgrading computers while on a pre-medical course at the University of Texas. Doing this from his room at the dormitory, he applied for a vendor license to bid on contracts for the State of Texas which he won.

6. At 19, Michael dropped out of the University of Texas giving up his degree to pursue his business. He formed PC’s Limited in 1984 with a $1,000 capital and with the concept of direct selling against the existing third party dealership he was able to offer cheaper prices for his products against the competition.

7. PC’s Limited offered the first toll-free technical support and on-site service in the computer business in 1986 which later became the standard practice the rest in the computer manufacturing industry were obliged to follow in order to become competitive.

8. PC’s Limited had a change of name to Dell Computer Corporation in 1988 with an initial public offering that offered the company at $ 80 million.

9. In 1992 at age 27, Michael Dell became the youngest CEO to have his company listed as one of the top 500 corporations in an issue of Fortune magazine.

10. Dell started selling computers on the web in 1996 same year his company launched its first servers. Daily sales of about $1 million had since been attained at Dell.com.

11. Michael Dell published a book in 1999, "Direct from Dell: Strategies that Revolutionized an Industry" written in collaboration with Catherine Fredman. Dell tells how he started his company from his room at the school dormitory to the founding of his computer factory.

12. As of 2010, Forbes estimates Dell’s net worth at 13.5 billion. Michael Dell resides in Austin, Texas with his wife Susan and their 4 children. The couple is also known for philanthropic works by establishing the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation which focuses on children’s causes. More than $ 530 million had been committed by the foundation in 2010 to assist non profit organizations serving urban communities in the US and India.





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