Facts About Herbal Cosmetics: Advantages of Herbal Cosmetics

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Herbal cosmetics or natural cosmetics are considered best for the skin and hair care. These products have gained the popularity mainly because of their lack of side effects. Herbal cosmetics are very effective for enhancing the health of skin and hair. Fi

Herbal cosmetics are becoming very popular worldwide. Herbs play crucial role in the beauty treatments and also in promoting overall health. Herbal cosmetics are just like herbal medicines which are made from herbal ingredients or herbal extracts to enhance the physical beauty of human body. Herbal cosmetics or organic cosmetics have been a part of beauty regime from the ancient times. Unlike synthetic cosmetics or chemical based cosmetics, herbal cosmetics and herbal products are not harmful for the body as they do not have any side effects. Another important advantage of herbal cosmetics is that with proper knowledge & guidance, people can make their own herbal beauty products very easily.

As mentioned above that herbal cosmetics or natural cosmetics do not have any side effects. The natural elements in them are highly beneficial for the body and you don’t need to worry about the harmful chemical substances. These cosmetics are also very easily available in the market and come in wide range of products. You can either buy them or can make your own cosmetics with very little effort. Some of the very common herbal or natural ingredients for enhancing beauty are aloe vera, calendula, basil, sandalwood, turmeric, amla or embilica officinalis, fuller’s earth, saffron, honey and azadirachta indica or neem.

Some of the common and effective herbs & natural ingredients used in beauty products are:

For Hair Care:

•    Amla or Emblica officinalis

•    Acacia concinna

•    Brahmi or Bacopa monnieri

•    Sapindus

•    Lavender

•    Basil

•    Sage

•    Fenugreek

•    Lemongrass

•    Thyme

For Skin Care:

•    Castor

•    Aloe vera

•    Hemp

•    Dandelion

•    Rose petals

•    Nutgrass

•    Cocoa butter

•    Garlic

•    Madder

•    Honey

In many ways, herbal cosmetics are a far better choice than synthetic cosmetics for beauty and personal care. Natural cosmetics work quicker and truly heal the skin & hair problems. Natural ingredients are very effective to treat skin & hair problems such as acne and hair fall. It is important to note that if you are preparing herbal cosmetics at home then you should prepare them in small quantity. Because herbal cosmetics have a very short shelf life. 

Herbal extracts or herbal ingredients contain beneficial properties which are great for beauty and health. But you need to use pure organic products and they should be new & fresh. Never use herbal products or cosmetics, if you are suffering from any disease (skin or any other), without consulting your doctor.

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Posted on Nov 17, 2012