Facts About Fast Food Addictions

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Fast food addiction is a very unhealthy habit and can cause morbid obesity in many people. Many Americans are overweight due to their addiction to the quick fix that they receive from fast food chains. A fast food addiction is dangerous due to the high c

Fast food addiction is the same as any other addiction. The feeling that is achieved from overeating is a positive one for the food addict. People who are addicted to fast food will have many different reasons for their addiction. Some people eat out of boredom, while some eat to cover up their feelings. A fast food addiction is dangerous due to the high calorie and fat count that is found in most fast food choices.

 Fast Food Facts

  • Fast food does not cost a lot to buy because it is made with cheap ingredients. Some of the ingredients are sugar and high fat meat. None of those ingredients are good for you.
  • Fast food is high in fat and salt, which can lead to health problems such as high blood pressure and obesity.  
  • One burger from a fast food restaurant can contain meat from at least 100 cows.  
  • The food can elevate insulin levels, which can cause Type 2 diabetes.  
  • Many children can recognize McDonalds before they can speak. This is a good indicator of how popular fast food has become.
  • French fries may not taste sweet but many restaurants dip the fries in sugar to so they will turn golden brown and crispy when frying them.
  • It will take seven hours of continuous walking to burn off calories from a super-sized drink, fry and burger.
  • Propylene glycerol is used to keep salads crispy. This chemical is used in antifreeze.

Fast food addiction can often cause withdrawal symptoms that are similar to those who are suffering from a chemical substance. These withdrawal symptoms can include headaches, insomnia, irritability, depression and mood swings. Most fast food addicts are unable to stop eating these fatty foods due to their inability to control the withdrawals that they suffer when they try to. Most fast food addicts realize that their diet which is high in fat and calories is not good for them.

The best way for a fast food addict to address their addiction is to seek the help of a professional so that they can address the emotional issues that caused their addiction to begin with. Most fast food addicts became that way be eating to feel better or to cover up the bad feelings that they are experiencing. Many fast food addicts will experience anxiety while they are consuming large amounts of fast food. This anxiety is counterproductive due to the fact that they will often eat more in an attempt to eat that bad feeling away. It is a vicious cycle that often requires working with a professional in order to break.

Guilt is often felt by a fast food addict. They know that they have a problem and often feel very guilty about it. Most fast food addicts will not consume large amounts of food in public because they are afraid of the reaction from others. Most will go home and consume the large amounts of fast food and then feel very guilty about it later.

A person with a fast food addition should seek help from a medical professional before the disease causes permanent damage.

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Posted on Dec 28, 2012