Eye Makeup Application for Big or Bulging Eyes

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Big eyes are generally considered a highly desirable trait, but if your eyes have a bulging or protruding appearance you may be wondering what you can do to play them down. This article focuses on how to make big or bulging eyes look more subtle and propo

There are many celebrities with big eyes like Christina Ricci and the forever popular Audrey Hepburn.  If you have a look at these women compared to other celebrities you may notice they do less to emphasize the size of their eyes. For example, on the recent television series Pan Am Christina Ricci’s eye makeup was much simpler than many of her counterparts who wore thick Black eyeliner and stand out on false eyelashes to make their eyes look more prominent.

Let’s take a look at how you should apply eye shadow, liner and mascara if you want to tone your eye area down.

Eye shadow tips for big or bulging eyes

You are lucky when it comes to eye shadow as many other eye types have to stick to soft shades to help make their eyes look bigger. You can experiment with dark and smoky looks. Try eye shadows in tones like dark gray, navy and dark brown. Dark colors help make an area appear smaller than it really is. In general you want to avoid light shades as they will have the reverse effect. Also steer clear of light reflecting shades.

Try applying one of these deep shades to the eyelid right up to the socket on the top lid and use a little along the bottom lash line. If your eyes have a bulging appearance it is generally best to concentrate color towards the center of your eye and tone it down towards either corner of your eye.  

Eye liner tips for big or bulging eyes

It is typically best to avoid using hard eye liners as they create very definite lines which aren’t very flattering on bulging or protruding eyes. As described above you are often best off using eye shadow as a means of defining the outside rims of your eyes. Then if desired use a kohl liner and line the inner rims of your eyes in a dark shade to make the eye area recede a little. Never use white eyeliner on the inner rims as it will make your eyes stand out more. This tip is best suited to women with smaller eyes.

Mascara tips for big or bulging eyes

Mascara helps open the eye area up, so if your eyes already stand out, you can actually skip it if desired. If you want to add some definition to your lashes try sticking to a light coat on the top lashes only. Generally it is best to avoid volumizing and lengthening mascaras, especially the new false lash effect style mascaras that build up the lashes. However  if you have big, but no bulging eyes you can apply as much mascara as desired to the top and bottom lashes, if you like the doll like effect.

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