Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Stretch Marks, Cellulites, Dryness and Oiliness

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Get first hand tips and experience on how extra virgin olive oil helps in diminishing cellulite and stretchmarks along the abdomen, inner thighs, butt and other parts of the body. It is proven effective and safe even for pregnant women. It also serves as

Do you know there is an easy quick fix and inexpensive one at that that could address stretch marks and cellulite problems? Not only that, it could also help address different types of skin like very oily skin to lesser oily skin, dry to moisturized etc. It is safe for everyday use and its even safe for pregnant women in addressing the stretch marks in their abdomen.

The product I'm talking about? Its extra virgin olive oil. The one that can be found in groceries and supermarkets. The one used in making salads and cooking foods. Any brand will do as long as it is applied regularly and religiously. It is natural and has no chemical and preservatives so its safe.

After bath, while the skin is still damp, pour extra virgin olive oil unto palms and spread it all over the body, massaging those portions with stretch marks and cellulites. Repeat everyday until stretchmarks and cellulites are completely minimized or totally gone.

Some people I know who have been pregnant in the past swore by this regimen. Indeed, their tummy/abdomen is free from any signs of streth marks. Its as if they have never given birth to their kids.

Aside from stretch marks and cellulites, extra virgin olive oil is also effective in removing dead skin from the body. When massaging the oil to to the body, you will notice dead skin forming lumps under your palms. Slowly, dead skin cells are being sloughed off. After using, you will noticed a cleaner and slightly brighter skin.

Extra virgin olive oil also serves as moisturizer to those who have dry skin. Just apply it to the face and leave it overnight. In the morning you will notice a different kind of glow in your face and it feels soft and smooth. For dead skin on the face, just add brown sugar to extra virgin oil and scrub gently unto the face for that squeaky clean face.

For those with oily/combination skin, mix varying amounts of extra virgin olive oil and castor oil (i.e 50-50, 70-30, 40-60) whichever suits your type of skin. Apply it into the face and leave it on overnight. Not only will it reduce oiliness of your face but it will also makes your large pores appear smaller and gives a smooth and supple skin effect when done regularly.

There are still other uses of extra virgin olive oil out there. But for now, let me end it here. Hope it helps!