Exposition; Process and Analysis

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Exposition is a kind of writing that is concerned of showing forth facts or ideas. One of the purposes of exposition is to clarify things

Writing is a good skill to have. Through writing you can be able to express what you want to say with thoughts feelings and ideas you have. Today, with the presence of the computers and the international network, not only writing but also publishing is just easy things to do. The World Wide Web provides a wide opportunity for writers the entire world throughout. There are many types of writings and one of these is the exposition

Exposition is a kind of writing that is concerned of showing forth facts or ideas. One of the purposes of exposition is to clarify things. Exposition tells the readers what particular thing is all about, what is or what its functions are and how the parts of this thing are related to the other parts or to the other things.

Expositions are classified into two types; the process exposition and the analysis expositions.

In a process type of exposition, how something is done or how something is being made is being explained. In here, the explanation of the process is organized in a time sequence where the step–by-step process is presented as well as the order in which the things are performed. The process type of exposition describes things in steps or in one-two-three manner making the process of things easily followed.

In an analysis exposition, the analysis is done in such a way that the whole is separated from its components. What the word “analysis” signifies is the loosening of the root idea, that is when we are going to “loosen”, something that is bound as a whole, will be going to separate into parts.

There are two kinds of analysis; these are the analysis of partitions and the analysis of classification.

The analysis by partition is the type of analysis that is employed when a certain thing is habitually thought as a unit. An example for this is the government which is analyze into judicial, legislative and executive departments as its parts.

The analysis by classification is the type of analysis wherein things are separated into groups or being classified. It takes things into their groupings which are also regarded as the unit’s real component.

In analysis, the clear basis of divisions should be determined. It should be remembered that there will be no analysis unless the things that are being divided is known. The basis of division must be consistently followed.