Examining Painful Ribs in Women

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Women experiencing pain in rib cage area are naturally concerned. What conditions causes rib pain and when should a women have the pain investigated?

Painful ribs are best described as pain occurring on or around the ribs. Chronic, constant rib pain can be a very troublesome symptom for women. Before coming to a premature assumption about the cause of such pain, women need to have the problem evaluated by a medical professional. 

Rib pain can be attributed to various causes and symptomatic of other conditions or diseases. Only a qualified professional can trace the pathways of the pain. Some pain may stem from obvious conditions while other instances of rib pain can indicate far more serious conditions.

Pregnancy and Rib Pain

Pregnant women have episodes of prolonged pain especially under the left rib cage. Such pain is alleviated once child-birth has occurred.

Less Serious Causes

The spectrum of rib aches can travel from muscle strain to the more serious causes. When women experience rib pain as the result of physical exertion, pain and inflammation of the muscles in and around the rib cage will occur. Simply resting the affected area will reduce swelling and pain.

Any new exercise regiment can cause injuries to overused muscles in the chest area. This is especially true for those under forty years of age. Costochondritis (rib pain) will not be long-lasting.

Anxiety and Stress

It has long been understood by both men and women that stress and anxiety damages the health and welfare in various ways. It is not surprising, then, that medical investigators attribute rib pain to anxiety episodes. In particular, stressful episodes causing hyperventilation will result in painful ribs. 

To relieve tension and stress it is suggested that anxious ones engage in physical exercise. When hyperventilation occurs controlled breathing also lessens the immediate impact.

When Rib Pain Proves Symptomatic

Sometimes doctors discover the pain a woman is feeling serves as a marker for another condition or disease. Fibromyalgia is one such example. Chest pain extending to the rib cage area is common for the Fibro sufferer. A complaint of rib pain can lead a physician to look for other symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

Shingles, another painful disease, can present with rib pain just before the rash that identifies the condition appears. Diagnosis and treatment of the condition gets to the root cause of the painful ribs.

More Reasons Women Experience Rib Pain

• Pneumonia

• Lung Ailments

• Rheumatoid Arthritis

• Osteoporosis

• Tuberculosis

Special Medical Alerts

Placed outside the realm of typical rib pain, is the pain that is symptomatic of serious underlining conditions. Diseases that can be potentially life threatening are:

• Lung cancer

• Heart disease

It is good to remember that most heart damage occurs in the just the first six hours. It is imperative that women take such pain seriously and seek appropriate medical attention quickly.


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