eVoice vs Phone.com vs Phone Power: VoIP Services Reviewed and Compared

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The eVoice service is a good fit for those with a small business that need a lot of automation since eVoice has a free professional greeting and free incoming fax service. Phone.com is for users who want complete control over voicemail and hold music thro

Voice Over IP, or VoIP phone services are often a great for businesses and individuals to save money. Here are a few such services, and how they stack up against one another.


Getting service on eVoice will get you a number of features including professional greetings for free. You can call the sales number at 888-965-9779.

  • $12.99 Plan-The cheapest plan for eVoice is advertised for “freelancers businesses of one and executives.” It features 300 minutes per month with 6 numbers and 2 extensions.
  • Personalized Professional Greetings- All of the plans include the option to have a voice actor record a professional greeting for your VoIP voicemail greetings, or extension menu. If you exercise this option within the first 7 days of setting up your account, the personalized greeting is free. There are several different options for language, gender and accent including Spanish, Irish and so on.
  • Extensive Voice mail Features-You get voicemail for mobile and email, as well as free voicemail transcriptions so you can read it as soon as it comes in.
  • Inbound Fax-This feature comes with any small business plan and it allows your business phone number to receive faxes. In fact, the system will automatically convert faxed pages to a PDF file and then send it to your email address.
  • Sales Chat-This feature is only on during certain times of day, however, and generally the site encourages you to call instead. You can also leave a message through the live chat system with your email address and they’ll get back to you later.
  • Wide Range of Basic Included Features-Even the cheapest plan has features like call logs, call routing, call transfer, call screening, call waiting, caller ID, click to call, conference calling, call announcing, call blocks, special call handling rules and many others.
  • Live Receptionist-If you go for more upgraded premium plans, you can get a live receptionist call answering service connected to your account.



Phone.com focuses more on custom personalization where you can add all of your own touches to your phone service. You can call the sales number with questions at 800-842-3394.


  • Custom Greetings-You can upload your own MP3 or GSM files to customize your greetings, messages, menu voices and even the hold music used if you want. You can ask for professional services too if you want, but they cost extra unlike with eVoice.
  • Support Options-There’s a phone number and a live chat option, but the lie chat option is frequently offline, just like with eVoice.
  • On-Hold Advertisements-This unique feature lets you craft custom advertisements to promote your service while your customers are on hold. You can choose your own script, select music from a custom library and so on.
  • Free Webinars-You can get access to free webinars to help you use the VoIP service including on subjects like managing numbers on Phone.com, setting up forwarding, and other Phone.com features.
  • Enhanced 911 Calling-This is significant because not all VoIP services let you call 911 since local phone companies have to pay into the 911 system to get access to it. The service also automatically sends your name and address to the dispatcher.
  • Global Number with Unlimited International Phonecalls-There’s an extra monthly fee for using this service, but there’s no extra fee for each call you make. The international number works just like a regular number, and each call you make is counted as a regular local call for both yourself and the person that you’re calling.

Phone Power

Phone Power is a company that provides its customers with a considerable number of extras like the second free phone line. It also is one of the few companies that offers unlimited plans as well.


  • $8.33 Monthly Plan-This is the lowest offering of the bunch, but it’s only when you sign up for 1 year ahead of time.
  • 60 Free Minutes of internal Phone Per Month-This is even with the lowest plan. It’s good
  • Free Second Line-All plans include a cloned second line which is ideal for businesses that need more than one line going at once.
  • Unlimited Incoming Minutes-You can get as many incoming calls as you want per month with any plan. The outbound number of minutes you get is around 5,000 depending on the plan and time of fay. The plans also come with 60 international minutes regardless.

Head to Head


The cheapest plan for eVoice is only $12.99 per month for 300 minutes. There’s also a $29.99 plan with 1000 minutes, a $49.99 plan with 2000 minutes and a $79.99 plan with 4000 minutes.

Phone.com starts out at $9.99 per month with 100 minutes and 1 number. You can also get unlimited local minutes with $19.99 per month per extension. You can also get a global number for $4.99 extra per month for standard countries, and $12.99 per month extra for “premium” countries like Argentina, Brazil and so on. You have to add the country through a customer support agent.

Phone Power is less flexible in pricing than Phone.com, but it also allows for an “Unlimited World Plus” plan where you can call 75 countries for unlimited minutes. It also has a low $8.33 per month average if you don’t take a plan. This will obviously depend on how much you use it. The plan is $14.95 per month for a 2 year plan, and $19.95 for month to month.

It’s clear that Phone.com has technically the cheapest monthly plan with guaranteed minutes. Phone Power has the cheapest unlimited plans.


The eVoice service is somewhat limited when it comes to support options, but they offer a wide variety of phone options including hold music, follow me features that call all of your devices, do not disturb features, conference calling, directory assistance and so on.

Phone.com has much of the same features as eVoice and they have a reputation for better support as well, though their live chat is the same. The main advantage with Phone.com is customization where you can bring all of your own voice work to the number.

Phone.com has over 50 features, so it’s no slouch in this department. One downside to Phone Power is that it charges a high cancellation fee of around $90 which is high in contrast with other providers.