Epubor vs Calibre vs Hamster Soft: Ebook Tools Compared

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EPubor is a simple to use program that will appeal to beginners. It can both convert and remove DRM from eBooks. Calibre is a free, all-inclusive book management system. IT can find covers, organize books with all file versions, and convert to many format

There are so many different file types available these days, that it pays to have a solid ebook conversion tool on hand. That way, you can convert between ePub, pdf, Mobi and any other types you want. Here are a few eBook conversion tools, with a side-by-side comparison of their features and pricing.



Epubor is designed to be easy to use for beginners. It has a big, obvious button for you to hit for converting after you drop in your books, for example. The site has many other useful features besides including a 30-day money back guarantee, and 24-7 support including live chat, ticket and email support.


  • Decrypt and Convert-You have tools for both decrypting and converting eBooks. This allows you to remove DRM from eBook files. This way you can use books that you’ve legally purchased the way that you want to without impediment.
  • Autoscan-You can scan automatically for all of the eBooks on your computer in order to upload them into your local library. This will find all the books you’ve purchased.
  • One Click-After you set up a few things during the initial installation, you only have to click once to get the program to do what you want.



Calibre is a completely free eBook program that runs off of donations. These are optional, however. The program has a huge number of options, and it’s quite easy to use for a program that’s totally free. There are big, obvious buttons for each task right at the top of the screen, including colorful icons with representations of each action such as a book with a plus symbol for “Add books.”


  • Run Calibre from Portable Drives-If you’d rather not do a full install of Calibre, and instead want a portable version of it, then you can click on the “Portable” link that shows up after you click to download. It has the icon of a USB drive. You can launch the Calibre program right from the “Calibre Portable” folder by activating the EXE file there.
  • Drag and Drop-The system for importing files to your library is intuitive. You can just drag and drop books from your computer’s folders right into the Calibre main screen.
  • Comprehensive Library Management-Another nice feature from this program is the ability to manage different files with the same book. So, you might have a PDF, a MOBI, an EPUB, and other file types all of the same book. If you click on the book title in Calibre’s main screen, you’ll be able to see all these files listed, so you don’t have to hunt around for them.
  • Easily Locate New Books-The big “Get Books” button at the top of the screen makes it easy to locate new books you might be hunting. You can search for one title, and get returns from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and many other companies. The “Get Books” screen that pops up gives you many filter options. Each entry that’s returned also gives you a lot of information such as price, DRM, cover specifics, and more.

Hamster Soft


Hamster Free is a site with a number of different programs available for free. This includes the Hamster eBook Converter.


  • 200+ Devices Supported-You can use Hamster software to convert to a huge number of devices including iPod, iPad, psp, iRiver, Kindle, Kobo, Explay, CrossEelc, WexLer, Digma, BenQ and many others.
  • Variety of File Types-You can convert to txt, fb2, pdf, lit, lrf, pub, and others.
  • How to Videos-Videos are available for teaching you how to use the software. There’s also a number of screen shots on the free converter page at Hamster Soft so that you can see how it all works.
  • Convert Batches-You can also convert large batches of books simultaneously if this is something that you need to do.

Head to Head


If you click on the “Buy now” section in red, you can purchase the program directly from the main page. They also offer a free trial, but this is temporary. The program costs $25, and the delivery is electronic so you can download it right away. This clears you for a 1-year license. You can buy with Visa, Mastercard, American Express or PayPal. Discover and other options are available in the drop-down menu under where it says “Select other methods.”

Calibre is free to use on all operating systems. They do offer the option to donate through PayPal if you liked the software enough. This is separate from the download links, however, so it isn’t necessary to use the program.

Hamster Free is also totally free to use, just like the name says.


Epubor only converts books to ePub, Mobi, or PDF, so this is a bit of a limitation if you want a wide number of output options. It does handle many different eBooks from different companies, however, such as Kindle, Sony, Nook, Google eBooks, and even Kobo. The site includes daily checks from both Norton and McAfee in order to ensure that the site remains safe.

Calibre is a free solution that works on Windows, OS X, Linux, Windows 64bit and even on a portable USB drive if you want to just run it from the drive. This makes it considerably more flexible than the Epubor program which is Mac or PC only. Other features include the ability to edit metadata for books, download covers for books where you don’t have them, and even an ability to download new books. It’s a versatile number of options, and it’s particularly useful for those who need to manage their large libraries because of the organizational features.

Hamster Soft eBook converter gives you a huge number of devices they support specifically including esoteric ones such as Pageone, CrossElec and boeye. It’s a good choice for those who are worried about specific device support as a result. The program is easy to use, and even has videos and screenshots right on the site to help guide you in how to best use it.