Emo Girls: How to Approach Them

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A few guidelines before setting eyes on a supposed "Emo Girl".

Dating girls for starters can be abit bothersome to a few people. But there are the type of girls who you'd like to date with their unique allure and personality. These are called "Emo Girls", and this article will help you with a few facts gotten straight with regards to what is "Emo". 

"Emo" comes from two terms, basically Emotional and Emotive. One is a musical genre (Emotive) and one is an overgeneralized and assumed "real" word behind emo (Emotional). Ergo, as long as it elicits emotions of a fairly high degree, it is "Emo". Genres can range from "Punk", "Screamo" (Music with Screaming), "Crunkcore" (Basically Rap + Screaming) and a whole lot more. 

Now with a general fact given, it is time give out the key facts about approaching Emo girls.

1. You must know abit of their culture, just don't sell out to it.

Know some of their bands and their subcultures. Refrain from selling out and saying bands you don't know, immerse yourself in the culture for a bit and you'll be able to become a somehow congruent when talking with Emo Girls. Rarely mention the words "Cutting", it is often frowned upon by most Emo people since they were stereotyped to do "cutting of the wrists" frequently. Once again,  Refrain from selling out and agreeing that her lifestyle/culture/genre is good, realize that you don't congregate with her cause you like her music. You talk with her cause she seems like a pretty cool girl to hang out with.

2. Being Emo does not mean crying all day.

Most of the songs may have "Heartbreak" written on it, but this is only a part of them. Since they are emotive, they have to show a varied kind of emotions aside from angry or sorrowful. Lighten up, have some jokes in hand to keep them smiling.

3. There are a wide range of so-called "Emo Girls".

From the overtly-fashionable scene girl to the normal emo girl wearing all-black and some accents of pink. These are the basic stereotypes that people make when it comes to girls in Emo. But you'll be surprised when you talk to anyone else who is emo, yet they do not fit the basic stereotypes as mentioned in this article.

4. Just. Be. Interesting. Always.

When you do get comfortable about approaching an emo girl and given the moment you both develop a rapport between each other. Be interesting as always, because you'll never know when she'll have that moment of falling for you. 

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Last note: Please do not forget to check her age and the age of consent in your country, so as to protect both of your futures and interests, not to mention that you both still have a future to go to. And once again, please refrain from stereotyping them because underneath that emo exterior are the feelings of another human kept from other people.