Ekaterina Gordeeva: Figure Skating's Fashion Icon

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An article about Ekaterina Gordeeva.

Figure skaters take their fashion very seriously. Their costumes add to the theatrics of their performance. Ekaterina Gordeeva has been figure skating since she was 4 years old. She has retained beautiful, classic style over the years. Whether she is doing pairs skating or singles skating, her costumes never detract from her beautiful lines and wonderful artistry. Her costumes are always elegant, making her moves stand out, not her costumes. Other ice skaters rely on flashy theatrics and costumes, Ekaterina had natural beauty and talent. Her costumes were lovely yet natural to her essence.

In the 1980's she was the classic, young pixie complete pastel colors and flowers on the shoulders. She embraced her young age while still being a princess of the ice. Her bouncy ponytail and a smile that went all the way to her eyes added to her wonderful presentation. Every young girl admired this Russian beauty and her handsome partner.

As she became an older teen, she became more sophisticated. Her costumes were more refined and her hairstyles became more elegant and mature. She and Sergei became romantically involved. Her love affair made her costumes appear more lovely.

In the 90's she became a wife and mother. Her style was still elegant, but her costumes appeared more romantic and added to the presentation of a woman in love. This young couple's costumes reflected maturity as a women and couple with sensuality between them. In 1994, Ekaterina Gordeeva was named by "People Magazine" one of the most beautiful people of the year.

As she lost Sergei and became a young widow for the first couple years. Her costumes reflected the loss. Dark colors were here color scheme during this period. Her costumes were lighter and more fun after this period.

Her costumes are usually very feminine, classic and understated

Today, her costumes have become more edgy and fashion oriented. Her fashion sense off the ice has changed as well. Her make-up and hairstyles are more modern and trendy.

She has changed her traditional hair color from brown to blonde.

Her oldest daughter, Daria is interested in couture fashion, and Katia's skating costumes have become stylish, and more fashionable.

Whether Ekaterina Gordeeva is being simple or more trendy, Katia will always be a talented athlete, artist, and human being.Through out the decades Katia's style have changed a bit, but her character and beauty continue to shine in any costume or performance.