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An overview of Einstein. Einstein is a website that offers factual articles, blogs and reviews.

Einstein is a new website that provides articles and reviews. It also allows writers to publish their own work on the site. I think the varied flavor of the different types of content makes the site an interesting read. There are also pictures included with the articles, and detailed author bios.

Einstein offers several types of information on the site. One of these is news style articles. These articles are easily on varied topics from politics to entertainment. They also have product reviews. There are several product review types at the moment, but they seem to have quite a few technological articles. One of my favorites is the product review on the Pandigital Novel 7” eReader.

Einstein offers the writer to publish the following types of information:

• Factual articles

• Product reviews

• Blogs

• Scholarly articles

Factual articles must be at least 300 words, and must be submitted in a newsy format similar to what you would see in a major newspaper. A good example of this type of article is Punish Stupid Humans Not Innocent Dogs.

Product Reviews must be 500 words to fit in the site, and must be on a currently available product. One such review is their review on Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Blogs can be in any format, and are left pretty much up to each writer. While scholarly articles are of a form usually submitted to colleges around the country. One such article is; Dreams and Time Travel | Can We Do In Our Sleep What We Cannot Do Awake?

Unlike many sites, Einstein allows users to post non-original material, so long as they own it, and it is not under copyright elsewhere. The site also allows link backs in your articles to other sites. They encourage authors to put links to their own websites, blogs and articles in their author profiles. This allows the author to self-promote.

Unlike Factoidz, this service doesn’t pay review writers, At least not yet. There has been talk that there will eventually be paid writer spots available for reviews and other articles. However, since the website is in its infancy, it has not yet happened.

The biggest drawback is that in order to become a writer for the site, you must email the webmaster with a short writing sample and ask that your account be upgraded to author status. There is no set link in order to do this.

This is a good time to get in as a writer on the ground floor of a newer site. You can become a popular writer very quickly, and become one of the ‘old guard’ and experts while the site is still young. Take a look at Einstein today.


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