Edward Burns Vs. Matthew Fox: Comparing the Star of Lost with the Star of She's The One

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An article comparing and contrasting actors Edward Burns and Matthew Fox (Lost’s Jack Shepard): trivia about their careers, family lives and more.

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Matthew Fox is best known for his starring role in the hit TV series Lost (2004-2010) as Doctor Jack Shepard, and before that he was starring in the Golden-Globe-winning drama series Party of Five (1994-2000) along with Neve Campbell and Jennifer Love-Hewitt.

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Edward Burns first made a name for himself as a newcomer writer/director/actor when his $25,000-budgeted movie made an impressive $10,000,000 at the box office in the mid-90s. His second movie (She’s The One) got Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz starring. From then on, he combined starring and guest-starring in other projects while continuing to making his own movies.

Edward vs. Matthew

What brought this comparison on? I used to watch Part of Five. It was fun, and its cast went on to make some entertaining movies. I already knew who Matthew Fox was before Lost aired.

And as a writer myself, I’ve always been a fan of Edward Burns. I don’t always love his projects, but I admire his productivity, multi-tasking abilities and ability to work with any actor he wants. And for some reason, the looks of both actors remind me of each other. I know they don’t exactly look alike (at least not like Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan do). But I like them both, so I decided to write a trivia comparing and contrasting their lives and careers.


• Both were born in the 60s. Edward Burns was born in 1968, and Matthew Fox in 1966.

• Both actors are over 6 feet tall. Fox stands at 6”2’, and Burns at 6”1’

• Both started to appear on the screen in the 90s (Burns in 1995, and Fox in 1992).

• Both are married with 2 children (Burns got married in 2003, and Fox in 1991)

• Both have roles in the 2012 thriller/crime/mystery movie I, Alex Cross.

• As I’m writing this post, they are both listed in the top 5000 on IMDB’s popularity list.


• Edward Burns usually acts in other films so that he’ll have the financial freedom to make his own movies. Matthew Fox only directed one episode of Party of Five.

• Fox is mainly a TV actor with a few movie credits, and Burns is a movie actor with few TV credits. Burns guest-starred in 3 episodes of the sitcom Will and Grace, and his other TV role was in the series Entourage where he played himself.

• Matthew Fox has been nominated for Golden Globe and Emmy for his performance in Lost. Edward’s nominations and wins are usually from festivals, though they share one nomination from Screen Actor Guild Awards. Fox won the award, sharing with his Lost cast members. Burns was nominated, sharing the nomination with the cast of the movie Saving Private Ryan.




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