Edureka vs Simplilearn vs Cloudera vs IntelliPaat vs AcadGild: IT Training Sites Compared

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Edureka has many certification courses and makes it easy for you to find the IT certification course you need. Simplilearn has the callback option as well as strong support options in general if you need help getting started. Intellipaat is the site that?

Getting some help with your IT skills can really benefit your career. Here are a few sites online that offer IT training. You’ll also see some comparisons between the sites so you can figure out which one suits you best.


The Edureka site has more than 400,000 learners total with more than 50,000 hours of training. There are thousands of assignments and projects on the site.


  • 24/7 Support On-demand-You can get help with your courses whenever you want through the site since it’s available around the clock.
  • Trending Courses-Below the fold on the top of the main page, you can choose the most popular courses currently including for Apache Spark Certification, DevOps Certification, Python Certification, and many others.
  • Apps Available-You can download this for either iOS or Android. Unlike some apps, this lets you attend live courses right inside the app.



There are more than 400 courses available through Simplilearn. The site claims that its help out over 500,000 people with their careers and given people promotions equal to $5 billion.


  • Immediate Live Chat-This pops up as soon as you get to the site. That way, you can talk to people as soon as you want about courses available through the site.
  • Callback-If you’re having trouble getting through on support, you can click “request a callback” on the bottom of the page in order to simplify matters and get the support that you want.
  • Courses Approved by More than 40 Organizations-The site offers curriculums with accreditations from more than 40 governing bodies.


Cloudera was named to the top 5 cloud company list by Forbes. They have a lot of cloud computing focus. The site has its own software and products services in addition to the Cloudera University part of the site which includes on-demand training, instructor-led training, and certification. You can call them at 1-888-789-1488 for more direct info about their services.


  • Webinars-If you’re the type of person that likes attending webinars as part of your IT training, the site has plenty of those. Examples include the Cybersecurity 2016 webinar, the one about “Moving Beyond Lambda” and others.
  • Cloudera Certification-Get certified on Cloudera’s software right through the site. There are some half dozen different certifications this way.
  • Practice Tests-If all you really need to get to where you want to be in terms of training is  an example of tests used, these are available through the site.



Intellipaat gives you lifetime access and support around the cloud once you buy courses. They have more than 80 business clients and more than 400,000 people in the under pool.


  1. 50% Off Deals-There are frequent promotions on the site that start with 10% off and go as high as 50% off courses for those who qualify. This is usually done through coupon codes.
  2. Free Courses-The site also occasionally offers you free courses, though you can’t choose these. You just have to watch out for them.
  3. Live Chat-There’s also a lot of live chat support on this site, in the bottom right. The number and email address are displayed in easy reach as well.



Acadgild has a site that really sticks out when you go there, though it can be a bit distracting, certainly. But it does give you info on the main courses just by putting a mouse over them.


  • Coding Support-The site claims that you can get help with coding at any time without paying anything extra as long as you’re enrolled in something.
  • Mentorship-You can get attached to a mentor that will be your guide through the course so you can get consistent feedback from one person.
  • Course Variety-The many courses available on the site include Big Data Development, Android Development, Front End Development and digital marketing.

Head to Head


A Python Certification courses on the Edureka site goes for $389.

There are multiple Python courses available on Simplilearn, but an example is the Python for Data Science Certification training course, which goes for $399. This means that that Edureka pricing is a bit better. This course gives you 180 days access to self-paced and self-learning content. If you want a flexi-pass to the online classroom, this is more like $600 with instructor-led classes.

Cloudera offers more brand-focused certifications instead of just the Jave one. In other words, they offer their own that’s called the “Cloudera Certified Associate.” The costs hover around $300 for this. You can often get a practice exam for just under $100. There are courses like “Just enough Python” that are available for 180 days and go for $395.

Intellipaat offers their Python Training course, though not actual certification, for $270 if you want a live instructor. A self-paced access goes for $120 for lifetime access.

The closest thing here is the Python Programming for Children course that goes for $500, though this gives you a lot more support than the other sites provide.


Edureka appears to specialize in IT certification. They have many options available such as for Java, Apache Spark, DevOps, Python, and others. There’s a full social media integration that comes with the site, and discounts are sometimes offered through this as well. Edureka lets you download videos offline too.

Simplilearn definitely has fewer courses that Edureka, but they have a lot of variety in those courses. The courses here seem more focused on training than going for certification actually through the site.

Cloudera, beyond the normal IT courses such as Python and other languages, have a lot available for using their Cloudera software. You can actually get officially certified on this software this way.

Intellipaat has some impressive features such as lifetime access every time you buy a course for self-learning, instead of the 6-month access that a lot of these other sites offer. Their courses are a bit cheaper, but also don’t seem to offer full certification, more just training.

Acadgild is a more hands-on type of site for training with one on one mentorship and round the clock coding support for those who are having coding issues. This will appeal to those who need more interaction rather than self-learning.