ed2go vs Lynda vs Udemy: Quality, Variety & Pricing Compared

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Ed2go is a good site to use if you need to gain new skills quickly due to their dearth of 6-week courses. Lynda.com has a 10-day free trial for their video training library, so it’s good for those who want to try courses out first. Udemy has one of the

Here are some programs for getting online education for you to consider.



This site is partnered with a number of educational institutions such as Hi Ed, Essex County College, Iowa Western and others. It’s possible to connect to students through the main site as well as connecting with staff on the site and teachers. The site is really for people who want to supplement a degree they already have with extra knowledge. Most courses complete in 6 weeks. Full programs finish in 6 months, usually.


  • Download Catalog-Hit the “view catalog” button on the main site to get a full sense of what they offer in online education and degrees.
  • View Demos-Whenever you go to a particular course on the site, there’s a button in blue-grey you can click on that says, “View Demo.”
  • Full Data on Course-Each course page has plenty of information on exactly what it entails including hours, duration of access, potential start dates, reviews, requirements, syllabus, and other details.
  • Security Through TrustWave- You can click on this seal at the bottom of the site to make sure that your financial data will still be secure on the day that you access it.
  • Formal Certificates-You can get formal certificates to prove mastery in a particular skill to employers though you don’t get actual college credits usable toward a degree this way.



Lynda is a service that lets you access training videos as well as courses. There are over 3800 courses on Lynda, and there are also deals on training 5 or more people as an employer or school. You can access them through the free trial page where it says “contact us” in Blue. You do have to contact them to get in on this, however. The site will appeal mostly to the tech-minded who like to learn about new software products through video tutorials, especially due to the playlist feature that connects related videos together.


  • Free 10 Day Trial-If you hit the “try it free” link on the site, you can get started with the service for 10 days for free.
  • Offline Viewing for Mobile Devices­-If you get the Premium plan for subscription, you can view courses on your mobile devices even when you’re offline. If you get the Premium version, you can download project files completely if you want.
  • Playlist Center-You can get curated playlists for videos training different skills. An example is the playlist for creating illustrations, or iPhone photography.
  • Skill Measurement- You can check how you or employees are doing through the amount of time spent on the training programs and the various achievements you’ve gotten through.



Udemy has over 8 million students and over 32,000 courses. They are one of the more trusted names in online education currently available. The courses on the site are very self-paced, and they go in order in a very step-by-step fashion. It will work well for people who like to keep control on when they learn.


  • 32,000 Courses Available-Udemy has one of the biggest selections around for courses, having more than 10 times more than many other sites.
  • Free Courses-A number of courses on the site are free, including Java courses, HTML5 programming, and others.
  • Control Pace-You can learn at your own pace through the site more than on many other sites. These are mostly videos and text materials with less individual instruction, especially for those who take free courses. It seems like people will often give free courses in order to get students for more paid courses.
  • Easy to Track Rating System-You can scroll down any course in order to see the average review rating for the course. An example is the free Java tutorial on the site that gets 4.7 stars out of almost 3000 views.

Head to Head

Quality and Variety

It’s worth noting that the courses on Ed2go don’t usually give you usable credits if you’re looking for a degree. They do teach useable skills, however, and there are plenty of people who say that these days this is almost more important. Reviews on quality at Ed2go, for what it is, are generally positive. Categories for learning include business, accounting, computers, technology, writing and publishing, law and legal, and others.

There are a huge number of videos on a wide number of subjects available at Lynda.com. This is especially the case for technological subjects like CMS, Web Graphics, Web Software, Flash Professional, HTML, Joomla, WordPress and just about anything else you can think of in general. The site gets strong reviews online from places like PCMag that talk about the quality of the wide variety of more than 3000 videos. The focus in terms of quality here is definitely on advanced software, including Adobe products especially.

Udemy has 32,000 courses in all manner of subjects, giving them more variety than other sites like Lynda.com by a factor of 10 or more.  The quality here must be reasonably good as well since there are more than 8 million students. Quality on the site is going to depend on the individual course, though, it should be noted. But with so many different teachers operating independently, it’s going to be pretty hard to beat the sheer variety.


An example of pricing on Ed2Go is their Intro to Programming course that goes for $149. It’s simple to enroll with the big orange “Enroll Now” button. Most courses last for 6 weeks or so.

Lynda.com starts out at $25 per month for access to all videos and certain courses. This goes up to $30 or more for more advanced plans with offline downloading.

The cost of courses varies greatly on Udemy since they are offered by individuals. Examples include a Complete iOS 9 Developer Course for $38. Some courses are actually free, like the Java course. This offers more than 75 lectures with 16 hours of video and other content, and it all it requires is a basic understanding of computers and how they work. You can just pick up the course whenever you want. 

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