Eco-Friendly Mosquito Killer

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Eco-Friendly, TiO2 Photocatalyst Mosquito Trap for mosquito control.

    TiO2 Photocatalyst Mosquito Trap

Entomologists are working hard to control diseases such as yellow fever, filarial, brain fever, encephalitis, dengue and West Nile virus and malaria that are caused by mosquito bites. An infected mosquito spread West Nile virus by biting animals, birds or human beings. West Nile virus infection is sometimes a fatal illness. People die without any symptoms

Malaria, filaria and dengue more common diseases spread by mosquitoes in India. More than two million cases of malaria are reported. In spite of spending more than 100 million dollars on malaria control programs in India the diseases is on the rise since mosquitoes develop resistance to pesticides. So eradication of mosquitoes is the only way to protect animals and human beings.

Mosquito breeds more in areas were hygiene, sanitation and poor insect control are lacking. You can find mosquito in many places like in the cars, boardroom, bedroom, lifts, and theatres and in clubs, etc. Mosquito wings have scales unlike other flies. Male mosquitoes do not have piercing-sucking proboscis like their female counterparts. Primary food for mosquitoes is sugar source like nectar. More than 3000 species of mosquitoes are there throughout the world.

This unique environmentally friendly Tio2 Mosquito Trap does not use expensive propane or Insecticide. It is easy to operate and maintain. It is quiet in operation without any annoying zapping noises. This portable trap can be placed in outdoor areas, gardens restaurants, bar, bakeries, Farm buildings, Homes, computer rooms, Schools, swimming pools and in military camps.

Mosquitoes like warm environment, certain light wavelength and carbon dioxide .Based on this facts new Tio2 Mosquito trap is designed. The warm  UV fluorescent bulbs inside the trap attract insects toward it. TiO2 - titanium dioxide coating applied on the inside part of the trap produces carbon-dioxide which lures the mosquitoes. A small powerful fan fitted at the bottom of the tap creates a vacuum which sucks the mosquitoes down were it gets dehydrated and dies after some time.

Other mosquito killer gadget used for mosquito control includes propane mosquito trap, mosquito zapper, mosquito repellent and mosquito spray.Tio2 Photo catalyst Mosquito trap is 100% environmentally friendly which can attracts mosquitoes from up to 80 feet away. In two months time you can stop the mosquito breeding cycle and reduce the mosquito population without use of harmful pesticides naturally. Apart from killing the mosquitoes, Tio2 mosquito trap also purifies and sterilize the air when ultraviolet ray from the sun or lamp falls on Titanium dioxide coating due to Photo catalysis reaction.


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