EatStreet vs GrubHub vs Eat 24: Fees, Features & Customer Service Compared

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EatStreet has a simple design on their site making it a good choice for getting your order done quickly. GrubHub has the advantage of a strong customer support team that are often available for you. Eat24 has a number of features for their mobile apps suc

Home food delivery services are improving daily with the saturation of technological approaches into everyday life in restaurants across the nation. Here are a few of the more current ones for your review.


EatStreet has been featured in places like Yahoo!, TechCrunch, Forbes, and others. It’s a fairly straightforward service with mobile options. There is a rewards system for coupons here as well.


  • Mobile Options-You can download the app for iOS or Android by clicking on these icons towards the bottom of the main page. This is done primarily through texting the link to you.
  • Easy Search Option-There’s definitely no mystery about how you search on the site since their search options are listed right at the top of the main page.
  • Info on Restaurants-Each restaurant listing has its own square, including links for a menu. It also tells you whether you can order delivery, order ahead, or only do takeout. You can get delivery fee notices, minimum pricing, and distance from the address you listed this way as well. There’s also an icon that indicates whether the restaurant offers rewards or not as well.
  • Order Ahead-If the restaurant you want is closed at the time you order, you can still put your order in any way, and specify a time for it to be made when the store is open.



GrubHub has a busy main site with speech boxes opening up everywhere showing the inner thoughts of cheeseburger. But it is one of the sites that has more decent nationwide coverage in terms of what areas they service.


  • Become a Delivery Driver-One interesting feature GrubHub has for people who want extra money is being one of the drivers delivering food to your door. You can apply right through the site if you have a clean record, a license, auto insurance and a solid vehicle.
  • 24/7 Customer Support-You can get help with you order or question around the clock no matter where you are.
  • Get Estimated Wait Times-You can check out estimated wait times for restaurants right from the page listing. This can be anywhere from 45 minutes to 70 minutes or longer.
  • Large Number of Participating Cities-If you click on the city link for GrubHub, you can see information on how many restaurants are available for each major metropolitan area by state. There are quite a few.



Eat24 has an easy to navigate interface, especially if you scroll all the way to the bottom since there are a lot of easy to recognize symbols down there related to where you want to go.  The site is powered by Yelp, so there’s a lot of synergy with Yelp reviews.


  • Pay with Google Wallet-You can use Google Wallet or PayPal to pay for food if you load the app on your mobile device. It also works for desktop, but in particular, it works with phones and tablets of all sorts.
  • Easily Get Yelp Reviews-Since Eat24 is part of the Yelp company, they add a lot of Yelp review access to the apps and services.
  • “Hunger” App with Wide Compatibility-The site describes this as “like a good truck in your pants.” You can download the app for iPhone, Android, iPad, and even Kindle and Chrome as well. There are multiple ways to download the app including by email, through text SMS, or through the various stores.

Head to Head


There’s no cost to you for using EatStreet, according to their website. It looks like the site makes a 10 percent commission for sales by restaurants. So there aren’t often any fees directly attributable to the site.

GrubHub also doesn’t appear to charge fees directly, though they do list the fees of the restaurant you’re looking at for deliveries. These can vary from 0 to $5 or more.

Eat24 appears to also not charge people extra fees for food itself though an individual restaurant could still set their delivery fee wherever they want. Delivery fees can go as high as $13 for many restaurants here. There are still some that are free. 

Features and Customer Service

EatStreet has a live chat option that’s easy to access right from the main page. You can click on the blue speaker icon in white on the right to open it up. This will make a pop-up window appear, so make sure you turn off ad blockers in order to see it. The “Support” link at the top of the page connects you to either “I’m a Diner” or “I’m a restaurant” support options depending on your preference.

GrubHub definitely has a more informal approach than sites like EatStreet. Their main page is full of pop culture references. If you hit the “contact us” link under where it says “Customer Service” you can get answers to FAQ inquiries, as well as direct contact. The “I have an issue with my order” or “I have questions about charges” will give you a contact form after you select the exact issue. It’s an email form that lets you send your question with your order number to the customer team. GrubHub also features extensive information about restaurants such as their wait times so you can make an informed decision about where to go ahead of time.

Eat24 focuses a lot of attention on their apps with features related to them like Yelp synergy. Customer service is accessible through the “Need Help?” option at the top right corner of the page. You can even pay for your food with the mobile device using Google Wallet or a similar service if you want. This makes Eat24 ideal for people who prefer to do everything with their app.

Overall, GrubHub may have an advantage when it comes to customer service, though Eat24 appears to have many extra features including through their mobile app. An example is the “what’s good” link for entries which shows how many people are ordering certain dishes the most. That way you can get a sense for which dishes are favored. 

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Posted on May 12, 2016