Duties and Obligations of a Promotional Model

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When you take a closer look at promotional models, you might conclude that their functions are as simple as giving out samples of products only. But it is not. They too have great obligations and responsibilities in promoting company’s new product

Promotional models are visible in trade shows, malls and any other location where there is a huge traffic of people. You can see them waiting not only to give samples of new products but to sell those products at the same time. When a company introduces new product in the market and wants to create buzz, services of promotional models are being hired to act as friendly, attractive and fresh face of a new product. Models duty varies depending on what products they promote. But while on job, they have to perform several obligations and responsibilities. The following are the duties and obligations of promotional models:

  • Attractive and good looking promotional models can entice customers to look at and consider the new product. A model with an outgoing and sunny personality is admirable and can draw people’s attention to the newly introduced item. It is part of the models job to use their charm and beauty to call the attention of the public to try or buy the new product.
  • Giving out samples of a new product is one of the functions of a promotional model. When a company introduces a new flavor of drink, it is the model’s job to serve small portion of it to passersby to let them taste the new flavored drink and to answer questions at the same time. The models must be knowledgeable about the new product so they can provide answers to questions and promote the product accurately. When promoting a new brand of shampoo, models usually give out samples of shampoo in sachet.
  • Promo models obligation may include asking for customer’s email addresses for promo contest purposes. It is likewise expected of them that they should possess expert skills in public speaking, good listening skills, must have personable manner, must know how to adjust and mix with different customers and different personalities and must be professional in every way at all times since what they say, what they do and how they act represents the image and reputation of the company that they work for.
  • The main obligation of promotional models is to draw the attention of the passersby to notice a particular product or brand and not the promo girl models as the main attraction. Promo models therefore should wear only black shoes and plain black clothes. This generic uniform fits most job types in the industry.