Dun & Bradstreet vs. Equifax vs. Experian: Which Credit Service Is Best For Small Businesses?

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Dun & Bradstreet provide extensive graphic depictions of business risks. Companies worried about credit risks will find a lot of help with them. Equifax is more focused on fraud prevention. They also have extensive educational resources on the subject. Ex

It’s not just people who have problems with credit; businesses have to worry about this as well. Given what’s at stake with businesses, larger amounts of money and the livelihoods of many multiple people, you could even say that that credit reporting and repair for businesses is even more important. Here are a few of the advantages that different business credit companies can offer for your particular business, keeping it running in good shape.

Dun & Bradstreet

Dun & Bradstreet has been at the business solutions and credit reporting game all the way since 1837, so you’ll be hard pressed to find a company with a more ancient tradition. You can contact D&B at 866-203-3151. If what you want is more customer service, the number is 888-480-6007. The number may actually different outside of the U.S. though. D&B operates in dozens of countries from the U.S. to Yemen.

 Livechat does actually mean "shortly," since the response is fast.

Review of Features

  • Portfolio Risk Manager- This feature allows you to protect your company from risk with a “big picture” approach to data analysis. This includes risk reports that let you compare your debt reserve to the national averages. It also includes exposure reports that let you keep management of credit limits, as well as showing you data on aging debt and credit limits. Additionally, this feature will show you segmentation reports based on geography. SO basically you get a useful little map that shows you how much risk you have for your business based on where it’s located, how large it is and what type of industry you have.
  • Live Chat- The live chat feature will pop up if you’re on the site for more than a minute or two. It will open in a side window. You can then click on the Chat button, and you’ll get a representative often within seconds. No waiting around is required.
  • CreditSignal- This feature lets you get free alerts to changes in your D&B scores, including Paydex.
  • CreditReporter Mobile App- This is a handy way to get credit reports for your business quickly, and not all similar companies will have one quite yet.

Get instant access to your business ratings and scores.


Equifax has also been at the game a fairly long time, working for over 100 years in this field. They are headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and they focus on solutions for both small and large businesses. They employ over 7,000 people in 15 countries. You can contact their customer service at 1-877-262-5261. If you have a technical problem they are available 24 hours a day at 1-888-407-0359 (option 6).

Review of Features

  • Fraud Prevention Tools-Equifax focuses on using algorithms to detect likely fraudulent claims in your business. Everything is automated which makes for less annoyance on your end.
  • Educational Resources- Equifax gives you access to white papers, product sheets, and even case studies and articles that can help you run your business more effectively. This includes for example, studies on Banking Cases, the “charming shopper alert,” an eID credit Union case study and more. Most of these are available for free and you can really get some insight into any problem your business might be facing, and find solutions as well.
  • Webinars-There are a number of webinars available on the site, including “Fighting Fraud with Identity & Analytics,” and “Consuming Cloud Based Identity and Access Management Services,” in their archives.
  • Identity Screening- You can use business solutions through Equifax to confirm the identities of those you do business with. This starts with basic identity scanning, which uses up to date databases marking things like victim alerts, social security misinformation, bad phones numbers and so on. It will then go through extensive detection protocols including velocity detection, device risk scoring, social security number screening, account verification an OFAC screening (Office of Foreign Assets Control).


Experian is a site that has especially good solutions for small business owners. This includes automation for mailing lists, and quick business credit checks. You can get live help at 1-888-808-8242.

Review of Features

  • Check Tenant Credit- This is more for those focusing on real estate and leasing, but it’s a useful feature.
  • Create Mailing List- This is another good feature for small business owners. You can build one of three different types of lists. You can build a “Consumer Prospect List,” which will give you access to 210 million consumers from 110 million households, with whatever filters you need to target them. You can also build a list of potential business partners from a list of 14 million. They actually add two hundred thousand new businesses every month, so you’ll know it’s up to date.
  • Quick Business Credit Check-If you’re thinking about doing business with a particular company, Equifax will give you a quick rundown of their score.

 With just a few clicks, you can get a mailing list price paid to order.

Head to Head

Customer Service-

Dun & Bradstreet don’t mess around when it comes to customer service.  Equifax is available 9 A.M. to 6 P.P. EST Mondays to Fridays at their customer service number. You can contact them through email as well using a form on the site, but they don’t seem to have any LiveChat option, which is unfortunate. Experian doesn’t appear to have live chat, and focuses instead on their call-in phone number, just like Equifax ScoreWatch.

Business Solutions-

Dun & Bradstreet have extensive focus on graphic business reporting, this seems to be their main focus. Equifax has more of a focus on educational resources like Webinars and Case Studies so you can pick up on solutions yourself. In general, Equifax also has a strong emphasis on helping businesses with Fraud Prevention.  Experian has great small business solutions, such as their extensive mailing list possibilities that you can get delivered for a low price in no time flat.


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