DudaMobile vs. FiddleFly vs. GoMobi: Mobile Website Builders Reviewed

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Dudamobile is a great beginner site that works very well for casual users who just want a personal mobile site. The option of trying out the site for free for a long time, and the fact that it’s rather cheap to maintain makes this an easy choice fo

What Should You Use to Build Your Mobile Site?

It’s no secret that mobile devices are taking the world by storm. This means that the individuals and companies that get on the Mobile train the soonest and those that do the best job appealing to mobile users will be the ones who end up on top. It’s as simple as that. In order to do this, you’ll need to find a good mobile site building service that meets your particular needs.



Dudamobile charges just 9 dollars a month for its full service, even though it has plenty of features that are available for free. The site also offers an advertising plan. This costs $200 per month at the lowest level. You should get 20 to 40 phone calls from the campaign at that level, with a conversion rate of 40 to 60 percent.


-Free Personal Website (10 pages)

-Unlimited Pages/Page views (paid version)

-Convenient Mobile Conversion Button on Front page

-No Long Term Contract (for mobile building or advertising)

-Autosync: Change Main Site, Mobile site updates!



-Restrictions on Basic Free Version:

You only get 10 pages and 500 free monthly page views on the free system. This also only lasts for 1 year. The free version also won’t let you keep ads from the main site on the mobile one.

-Slow Load Time

It takes about twice as long to load sites than normal, which can be death for the average Internet user’s attention span.


-Easy Conversion

The conversion process starts right form the main page. Just enter your site in the textbox, and with one click you can see exactly what your site would look like in a simulated mobile device. You can edit directly from there and then decide whether to sign up and make it stick.

-Cheap and Effective

Nine dollars a month isn’t bad, and the simple controls on Dudamobile will let you get up and running in around half an hour.



Fiddlefly is a higher-end mobile building solution. The most expensive version is $389 per site, although hosting is often a separate cost. Alternatively, you can pay $89 per month for the most basic “PowerStatic” plan, or $299 for the PowerStation Pro.


-Location Finder-Lets people find you easily at multiple locations

-Feed Streamer

-Free for Students

-Customization-Customize Every Part of the Mobile Site Personally

-“Let Us Build It” Option- for Creating Mobile Site for You (plus free prototype in 48 hours)




Fiddlefly isn’t a good option for personal users, since the price is quite high, and it has more limited options for trying it out then other sites like Dudamobile.



Fiddlefly allows you to choose precise template and color schemes to get the closest conversion possible but exactly the way you want it. You can copy paste the text and other data easily as well.

“Let Us Build It”-

Don’t have time to build your own mobile site? Fiddlefly offers you the option to build it for you. They’ll even let you request a free prototype that you’ll get in just 48 hours so you can see what it might look like.



GoMobi has a cheap cost at just 7.95 per month. It also offers a reseller package that is at $2.50 per month for wholesale to make for a nice wide profit margin for anyone who wants to go that route.


-Optimize YouTube Videos for Mobile Automatically

-Add Mobile Shopping Cart

-Show Yelp and Foursquare Reviews Automatically When They Post

-Easily Create Coupons

-Add Hours Open

-Automatic Google Map Directions

-Sync Google Calendar to Mobile Site

-Reseller Program



-Slow Startup

GoMobi is a bit slow to get going, since you have to fill out a form and wait for a response to get started. The options for signing up from the home page are rather vague, non-intuitive and hard to figure out as well.


-Syncing and Automation

The various syncing options, like using Google Calendar to show events from your store on your mobile site, the automatic twitter feed, the Google directions, shopping cart, and Facebook and Google plus automation will make your life with GoMobi a lot easier.


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