Drug Rehabilitation for Women

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This article gives a few suggestions for drug rehabilitation centers that specialize in womens' needs.

Men and women are different in so many ways. For instance, we have different body compositions. We process many foods differently. Anyone who's been married can attest that we think and understand many things differently! If a woman has a health concern that could be affected by her gender, she will probably go to a doctor that understands the different needs of women. Why should drug rehablititation be any different? After all, alcoholism and drug addiction *are* diseases, or are often linked to other disorders. Also, women often have different things behind the addiction; for instance, up to 70% of female drug addicts have a history of sexual or physical abuse. Our body composition causes us to be affected by drugs differently, and many women are brought into the world of drugs and alcohol through their male partners. It only makes sense that a woman who is seeking help for her addiction would choose a rehablitiation center that caters to a woman's special needs.  Doctors need to understand and focus on the problems that cause addictions in order to resolve them and help prevent them from recurring. One would think that *every* rehabilitation center would do that, but there are some that specialize in women's care. Here is a brief list of some of them.

  • The Orchid Recovery Center For Women- This rehabilitation facility located in southern Florida was founded for the purpose of addressing the special needs of women when recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction. Their holistic approach focuses on the psychological and psychiatric problems that are often behind drug addition in an effort to more fully resolve them. They use various types of therapy such as art therapy, yoga, spirituality and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Their website is http://www.orchidrecoverycenter.com.
  • Safe Harbor Treatment Center For Women- Since 1993, the Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women has been the premier rehabilitation and recovery center for women in southern California. While there are a variety of programs available, their approach involves taking small steps to slowly build up a woman's confidence, self worth and mental health to help reolve the likely causes of addiction. For more information, visit their website at http://www.safeharborhouse.com.
  • New Directions For Women- Also in California, this coastal substance abuse rehabilitation facility takes a holistic and spiritual approach to helping women conquer their addictions. There are specialized programs for pregnant women and women with children, as well as their general 12-Step system. Their residential programs also include daycare and local schools for children, as well as family and individual therapy. This way, women can get treatment without having to give up custody of their children or spend too much time away from them. Their website is http://www.newdirectionsforwomen.org.

The most important thing anyone-male or female-can do to overcome addiction is to work on the psychological and psychiatric problems behind the problem. These drug rehabilitation facilities, among others, understand and address the specialized needs of women in an effort to further aid recovery.  If you or someone you love has a problem with drug or alcohol abuse, look into your treatment options so that you and your doctor can decide which approach is the best for you.  These centers are only a few of the options. If you don't get help there, please, get help somewhere.