Top 5 Affordable Fashion Sites Compared

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Dresslink has some of the lowest prices and it has one of the best rewards programs. Sammydress is one of the only sites with live chat support. YesStyle has frequent deals on shipping worth watching out for. TBDress has a decent order cancel and return p

There’s no reason why fashion has to be expensive. That’s the guiding idea behind these economy fashion sites. Here’s an overview of how each of them stacks up against the rest.


Dresslink is based in Hong Kong though they have centers worldwide. The site offers over 10,000 different styles of clothing. Because the clothing is coming from overseas, the cost is notably lower. Quality is a concern, but for prices this low, there isn't much to lose. 


  • Paypal Verified-Dresslink went through the trouble of verifying with Paypal so you know they are safe to use through that site.
  • Regular Coupons Worth As Much As $50-This is actually 15% off of an order, so it’s only as much as $50 if you have an expensive order.
  • Site Viewable in Over 10 Languages-One unique feature Dresslink has is that you can instantly translate the page into languages like Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, French and more with one click at the top of the page.
  • Use Over a Dozen Different Currencies-There’s also a convenient “currencies” section at the top that lets you view the products in different currencies including the Euro, The Aussie dollar and others.
  • Norton Secured-The site is protected by Norton in order to make sure there are no breeches of information or malware infected on the site.
  • Get Reward Points in Many Different Ways-The DL reward points system lets you get 10 points just for registering,1 point for inviting people, 10 points for getting others to register, 10 points for writing a review, 10 points for posting a product image, 20 points for a video product review and additional points for purchasing products. Each 100 reward points gives you $2 off of purchases.
  • Free Shipping on Certain Items-You have to choose the China Post option to get free shipping which can be fairly slow though. According to the site, China Post without tracking number takes 10-25 business days.

Sammy Dress

Sammy Dress has over 200,000 different types of products, and they also have more support options than some sites.


  • Savings Deals up to 70% Off-These happen fairly regularly so it’s worth keeping an eye out.
  • Free Shipping-You get free shipping on mostly necklaces on this site.
  • Android and iPhone App-Do some shopping on the go this way.
  • Trustwave and Norton Secured-Having both services helps increase safety.
  • Pre-SaleLive Chat-This is only active during certain hours, which aren’t listed.


YesStyle also has a wide selection of over 100,000 styles. They have frequent contests and free shipping deals on all items as well.

  • Automatic Shipping recognition-In the top corner of the site you’ll see immediately whether the site ships to your country. You can also chose to shop to other countries.
  • Free Shipping/ 10% Off Combination-Unlike other sites, this is for all orders.
  • Frequent Contests-You can sign up to win frequent contests such as $50 off coupons for rating them on Trustpilot or Sitejabber.
  • Regularly Updated iOS and Android App-This isn’t just a one off app, it’s updated frequently.
  • FlyingCart-This feature lets you transfer shopping cart items to your more local country website for better shipping options.
  • 9.3 Rating at TrustPilot-This is for over 5000 reviews from customers.



TBdress has extra options for cancellations and returns. You can call them at +86 29-68532816.


  • 15 Day Return or Exchange-This is measured from the time that the item is delivered. You do have to pay the return shipping fee though.  Make sure you call Tbdress Customer Service Staff before returning the item. You’ll get your money back between 2-7 days. This doesn’t apply to certain items like lingerie, swimwear, intimates or jewelry. You can also exchange items.
  • 12 Hour Cancellation-Some sites give you a short window for cancellation, but Tbdress gives you 12 hours.
  • Frequent Sales-This includes 50% off or more various items.
  • Worldwide Shipping-This site ships to worldwide locations every day of the week.
  • Multiple Languages/Currencies-While TBdress doesn’t have as much versatility as some in this department, and you can still get half a dozen of each.


Tidebuy has a long term free shipping program and fast turnaround times for shipping. You can contact them at +86-29-68532863.


  • Free Shipping for Orders Over $119-If you tend to spend a lot at once, then this site is a good bet because of its standard free shipping for large orders.
  • $10 Off for Showing Off-Once you buy items at Tidebuy, you can get up to $10 off for uploading pictures of yourself wearing the items you bought and uploading them to the site and to social media.
  • Norton Protected-The Verisign service makes sure your info is secure.
  • Ships in 24 Hours-Clothing, wedding apparel, and evening dresses have a turnaround time of just 24 hours.


Head to Head


An example of the low price of Dresslink includes their New Women Bohenmia Pleated Wave Lace Princess Chiffon dress with four different colors that’s only around $6.50.

Similar dresses on Sammydress cost $10-$15, so it’s a bit more expensive.

Yes Style pleated dresses were running for more like $25-$50, so they have wider selection but they seem to be considerably more expensive as well.

TBdress has prices that really go the full range from $30 or $40 to hundreds of dollars.

Prices for Tidebuy are also on the higher side since they offer more quality styles, but many pleated dresses come out to $13 to $100 or more.

Dresslink seems to have the cheapest prices overall.


Dresslink has over 10,000 styles to choose from, low prices and a bunch of extra features like a generous rewards program. Because their far away though, you will generally need to pay extra to get your clothes in the mail in a hurry so they aren’t recommended if that’s your need.

Sammydress has some bad press mostly because of spam email and slow shipping time. Support appears to be email ticket only, though they do let you leave a phone number if you want a call back, but the 24 hour email response is their primary approach. They do also have a live chat option as well.

YesStyle has some deals for keeping shipping costs down. They have a wide selection that focuses especially on Asian styles like Tokyo fashion. They have a variety of phone numbers for different countries but no apparent live chat.

TBDress has had some concerns lately over using fake trust seals and using people to manipulate trust ratings. Being careful with money transaction is likely all that’s required. Where they really excel is cancellation and returns.

Tidebuy also does some seal manipulation and coping of styles, so it’s not a good idea to make purchases there based only on a brand name. Shipping times can also take a while. The support options are limited to phone and email.

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