Dream Recall Techniques

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Dream recall techniques can help people remember their dreams so that they can decipher them and use gained knowledge to their advantage.

Many people believe dreams hold the secrets of their subconscious, and that if they could only remember them, they could tap into hidden knowledge and use it to make their life better. Because of this its been the concern of interested individuals to look into ways of recalling dreams more often, and with greater clarity. Methods of dream recollection range from keeping a dream journal, to attending a dream group, or waking during REM sleep.

Dream journal

A dream journal is a diary of sorts, only instead of containing daily happenings it contains what happens in dreams, and thoughts relating to their meanings. Circumstances, useful for future reference, can also be noted in a dream journal, such as those surrounding a particular dream of great clarity. Writing a dream journal can train a persons brain to produce more dreams, and increase their likelihood of happening more frequently.

Waking during REM, or rapid eye movement sleep.

It's likely that people who remember dreams more often than others are light sleepers, prone to waking up easily. Deep, heavy sleepers tend to pass right through REM sleep without waking, and as a result don't often remember dreams. Setting an alarm clock to correspond with the time when an individual is usually fast asleep, can make it easier for them to recall a dream.


Focusing on the intention to recall a dream, while active during the day, can make it more likely to occur later on. Thinking, in a concentrated manner, about remembering dreams can set the brain on the right track. It can also help to make this focus the last thing an individual thinks of before switching out the light and turning to sleep.

Dream group

Organizing, or joining an established dream group can help emphasize the importance of dream recollection to an individuals subconscious, while being a fun activity. Dream groups are best when they have more than two members, but less than seven or eight. Too many members can result in not enough time for dreams to be discussed, and too few can lead to a lack of group energy.

During a dream group, dreams can be talked about and analyzed by members. The more dreams are discussed and thought about, the more often members are likely to produce a dream and remember it for this purpose.

Dream recall techniques are often developed from experience. It's important to keep an open mind when learning them, and to adopt any learned from personal experience gained via keeping a dream journal.

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