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Does Stopain Really Stop Pain For Arthritis and Joint Pain

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We all live with arthritis and joint pain sometime during our lives, but is there a product that will provide actual pain relief rather than just dulling the pain, or are we destined to take a multitude of pain relievers that can risk our health?

As we get older, our muscles and tendons aren't so supple as they used to be, are they? Even if we exercise or play sports a lot, we all tend to overdue and then get to suffer the consequences. So we take aspirin or Tylenol or other pain relievers in the hopes that it will miraculously take away the pain. So is there another alternative out there?


Stopain® has been in stores for at least a couple of years now, making the claim that "Nothing lasts longer." But, does Stopain really stop pain? Well, let's take a look first at what this product does and other features of it.

You see, the people at Stopain have a philosophy that their products should be developed in such a manner that it instantly and effectively gives you pain relief -- penetrating deeply so that you can get back to living a richer, fuller life right away. But, I wonder; does it really fulfill its claim to stop pain?


Stopain comes in three different ways to apply it.

Pain Relief Spray - The container has 6 percent menthol in it. The company will tell you that it will not drip or stain. However, I have found that the spray will drip when applied. It will run down your back or leg or wherever you apply it, so you want to be really careful with this product if you have animals. You definitely don't ever want them to lick it off of you as it will likely burn their mouth, or worse yet, make them sick. The 6 percent menthol one comes in a 8 ounce (oz.) bottle and is what they call their regular strength.

The Extra-Strength Pain Relief Spray comes in a 4 oz. bottle. They say that this one will spray at any angle and comes with 8 percent menthol plus two additional ingredients that changes the power from regular to extra-strength.

Regular Strength Gel that comes in a 2.5 oz. tube. While this choice is more convenient for putting in your purse or pocket, I truthfully cannot vouch for how good it is as I have not used it. One immediate drawback I can see is that you might forget to wash your hands before petting your dog and cat, and I've already warned you to be careful around your pets.

Extra Strength Roll-On - I like this much better than the spray. First of all, I am not particularly fond of anything cold hitting my skin; and yes, Stopain is cold when first applied. The roll-on, you can hold in your hands to warm it up a little bit before applying.

Again, the extra strength contains two additional products -- glucosamine and MSM -- two products that have been known for a long time to help reduce joint pain and arthritis pain.


The price of these products is very economical - in the range of roughly $6-$13 if you buy from the company itself. Many retailers carry these products now, so shop around as you might get a better price.


So what are some other things that can be mentioned about these products from Stopain:

  • Odor - There is a slight odor but it is a pleasant smell. I have very bad allergies, and odors can trigger my asthma. Stopain does not seem to bother my allergies or asthma. As a matter of fact, it actually seems to help me, probably due to the menthol in it.
  • Stopain is 100% Made in the U.S.A.; so when you purchase Stopain products, you are helping American industry and American families.
  • For every unit of Stopain® sold, Troy Healthcare, LLC will give some of the proceeds to the Arthritis Foundation with a minimum contribution of $25,000 to help people that suffer from arthritis. Troy Healthcare is the manufacturer and distributor of Stopain.

So what do I think of this product? Do I believe that Stopain really does stop pain for arthritis and joint pain? You bet I do. Due to my having scoliosis as a child, I not only have arthritis from the curvature in my spine, but also degenerative nerve disease in my neck. Stopain really does work. But, don't take my word for it. Try it. See what you think.



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