Reading Increases Your Knowledge

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The more one reads the more open you become in your thinking. Reading actual books are so helpful in learning about any subject you are interested in.

I feel that the more you read, the more open you become in your thinking. We tend to view things differently as we gain more knowledge about people, places and other people's behavior. It may be any kind of book:  fiction, non fiction or books on other subjects. They all contribute to increasing our awareness of people and society because all books are an extension of the author's experience and knowledge coupled with imagination. If we are able to take it as it is meant to be, we can gain a lot by reading. These are my feelings.

One, of course, needs to be careful while selecting books, as a lot of unwanted stuff is available that won't give any positive benefits - but generally speaking, I tend to feel that books make you broad-minded as well as knowledgeable.  We tend to read books on subjects that interest us and unless you are open to new ideas you may not look beyond your own limited interests--but even within that limited field of choice, one can always better oneself.


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Posted on Jun 22, 2010
carol roach
Posted on Aug 22, 2009