Does Heroin Interact with Prozac or Other Anti- Depressant?

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The boyfriend of the answer seeker wants to take Prozac as an anti- depressant instead of Heroin.

The answer is a straight no. Heroin cannot interact with Prozac and other anti-depressant but it can influence the latter in the opposite way.

  • Prozac facts

Prozac is a 20 milligram capsule. It is manufactured by Eli Lilly with the generic name Fluoxetine Hcl. Prozac is a prescription drug intended as an anti- depressant and contraindicated with people who have hypersensitivity to the drug.

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Prozac is to be used in precaution with the following:

Impaired renal function, mania, history of epilepsy, and being underweight.

Usual side- effects include:

Anxiety, insomnia, nervousness, drowsiness, fatigue, asthenia, tremor, sweating, GI disturb aces and lightheadedness.

It should not be taken with the following drugs:

MAOI, Tryptophan, Lithium, Diazepam, Coumadin, Digitoxin and CNS active drugs.

  • Heroin facts

Same as Morphine, Paregoric and Codeine, Heroin falls under the narcotic drugs which are made from opium. Heroin is indicated as a pain reliever. And like any opiates, Heroine can be addicting. Depression is the lasting effect of Heroine. Its first emotional reaction maybe the reduction of tension, ease of fears and relief from worry, then the ‘high’ feeling, after that is the so- called ‘crash’ – the period of stupor.

The drug depresses parts of the brain that also reduces hunger, thirst and sex drive.

 Heroin potentiates the adverse reactions of other depressants

Heroin is a ‘downer’. It produces sedation that tends to relax the patient. Heroine exaggerates the effect of other CNS depressants as the benzodiazepenes (eg. diazepam, alprazolam etc.)

Prozac is a serotonin re-uptake inhibitor, under the tricyclic anti-depressant, a stimulant. It has the opposite effect of Heroine. While those that have the same action can potentiate each other’s effect on the body, drugs with the opposite action do the reverse thing or don’t interact at all.

Terbutaline and Salbutamol are related drugs. Both of these medicines have the anti- asthmatic effect. If taken together, these two can aggregate more of the untoward effect which is palpitation.

 Heroine is not an anti-depressant drug

The answer seeker explains that Heroine helped her partner get through depression for some period of time. However, Heroine is really a depressant. This drug may produce happiness for the user. But only for awhile, depression quickly follows. And after that, the user craves again for the drug, for that gay feeling - on and on until he becomes dependent on it. Heroine is not a drug of choice for depression relief. Between the two, Prozac is recommendable.

Heroine is Now an Epidemic

As for Prozac, it is prescribed by a doctor, whereas of course heroine is not. But the current heroine epidemic actually started by doctors over prescribing pain killers (opioids) for all kinds of reasons. Pain killers are very addicted, and trying to stop pain killers is miserable.

Doctors have recently been pressured to stop prescribing pain killers for too long of a period of time to their patients, unless absolutely necessary. When a doctor stops prescribing pain killers, the patient might already be addicted. So the patient will try and find pain killers in other ways such as finding different doctors to prescribe pain pills.

When that fails, a person will turn to the illegal market for pain killers. This can get very expensive, so the addicted person will then turn to heroine, which is easier to get and cheaper. And the addiction continues until the addicted person can find help.

A pain killer and heroine addiction is a terrible life as it can ruin marriages, families, health, jobs and health.

Withdrawing from heroine is not easy, but thankfully, there are medications that can help anyone heal from a heroine addiction including Methadone, Buprenorphine, and Naltrexone

With this type of situation, expert advice from a physician is a necessity. As for the question, ‘Does Heroine interact with Prozac?’ There are no known interactions.



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