Do Goldfish Like Mashed Potato Flakes

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Do goldfish like mashed potato flakes and bread?

My grandson and I went to Wal-mart in search for a pet.   Thinking I could buy a simple goldfish bowl for $5.00 and plain goldfish for $.50 a piece.   I was shocked to walk out of Wal-mart with a ten gallon fish tank,  plastic plants,  two different types of fish food, and  four plain goldfish.   The prices totaled a whooping $100. and I was silently saying a prayer of thanks to God for plastic credit cards.

To make a long story short I went home and put up the fish tank with the help of my grandson and my older son.  My older son looked at the fish food and asked "Why two different types?"  

I said "The sales woman said one was for vitamins enriched and the other was to fortifed the fish's  color."  I wondered to this day if they saw a certain word prinnted across my forehead  like fool.  Will buy anything to please her grandson-which I would.  My grandson is the center of my life.

Two weeks later of feeding the fish special food their color had not changed in the least and two of the fish had died.   Been replaced and were starting to look in a sorry shape.    Worried that I had to do something to help them in some way before my grandson came back to look at them.  I leaned over the tank to get a better look at the fish and a few of the crumbs fall into the water from the toast I was eating.

I watched as they gobbled it up and looked toward me for more.    Now, they only get their special food at night and in the morning I have started giving them crumbs from a dried up bread.    I have also started to give them a few mashed potato flakes which they gobble up.   My friend was surprise when I told her what my fish eat and she came over to my house with mashed potato flakes that were yellow in color.    We laughed as we  sprinkled some on the top of the tank.   My four fishes swam up and gobbled the whole mess down.

My fish are waiting at the bottom of the tank in the morning when they get their surprise food and when it is sprinkled on the top they come up to devour it.    The special food that I got from Wal-mart is sprinkled on at night and some of it floats to the bottom to be cleaning up later.   I take a small fish net and scoop up the rocks on the bottom to clean them.   Some of the flakes are down there among the rocks and I thought I was feeding the fish too much.  I cut back and when I clean the rocks the flake food was still down there.

I started to watch and see what food was being eating and which wasn't.   The mashed potatoes flakes were being goggle up and fish flakes were being half ate.   I cut the flakes down to half and after awhile the tank was starting to get cleaner.    I called several pet stores to see how much food to actually give a fish and they said a pinch.   Which I was giving my fish, but no one can tell me why they like the mashed potato flakes better.