DIY Party Planning: How to Make a Guest Sign-in Book with Photos

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There are many low budget ways of making your party event extra special, whether it is a wedding, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah or anniversary party you can create a guest sign-in photo album. With a photo album sign-in book you not only do you have another attraction to add to your event but also a great memento with personal messages from your guests.

Making a sign-in book with photos for your special celebration is easy and economical.

You will need:• About 30 good quality photos of the person whom the party is in honor of (bride and groom, married couple, bar mitzvah boy etc). Ideally the photos should be 10cm by 15cm but you can also use photos of various sizes for the sign-in book.

• 1 Large photo album with blank pages – not with adhesive cellophane which holds the photos.

• Art supplies including paints/colored pens, stickers, glitter, ribbons and different colored and textured styles of paper. You will also need a pair of scissors and glue. The best glue to use is UHU or similar craft glue suitable for paper.

To make a DIY sign-in guest album for your party event first get some good quality photos of the "star" of the party (the bar mitzvah boy or wedding couple etc). If you can get studio shots or professional photos that would be even better.

If the event is a wedding or bar/bat mitzvah there will probably be a professional photographer who can include a photo shoot before the event, this way you can include these photos in your event sign-in book.

Then buy a large photo album which has pages that can be decorated and written on like a scrap book.

Stick the photos into the photo album using only one side of each page. You can decorate the sign-in book's photos by adding glitter glue, stickers, ribbons, and even by cutting the photos in various artistic ways but leave the opposite page empty.

Then take your album sign-in book to your event and place it on a table by the event entrance. Add a sign asking guests to write a few words to the person having the event. Don’t forget to leave one or two pens on the table with the book.

After the event has finished you can go through the album and if you feel that there are too many empty spaces you can use the notes which guests have attached to gifts(hopefully there will also be gifts!!!) and add them to the sign-in album book.

If you make a sign-in album book for your event guests to sign at your party you will have a unique memento to look back on in years to come.

There are other ways in which you can make your event special on a low budget using fireworks, balloons, a candy buffet, confetti and more! Follow this link to read about other DIY ways of making your event special.


Jerry Walch
Posted on Apr 24, 2011
john doe
Posted on Apr 9, 2011