Digital Photography Basics: 10 Tips

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The preponderance of digital cameras nowadays has changed the world of photography. No longer are photographers limited by their film-based cameras primarily because of cost considerations. But many photographers who shifted from their conventional camera

After closely studying, experimenting, and gaining experience on taking pictures using his film-based and digital cameras, the author has finally come up with his collection of digital photography basics which he posted in his website Palawaniana. Palawaniana compiles information about Palawan Islands in the Philippines. The site also features his photographs, mainly on the island's unique wildlife, taken from various places in Palawan which he grew fond of. 

He compiled his 20-year experience in photography into digital photography basics which he posted exclusively here in Knoji. This took approximately 50-hours of writing and figuring out the best ways to  take pictures using his digital cameras, particularly using the popular Panasonic Lumix LX5 which allows for manual adjustment of aperture and shutter speed. And the camera can shoot in RAW format.

Here is a list of 10 articles describing digital camera basics out of the 22 articles compiled together in Palawaniana. The other articles describe the features of the digital camera itself and guide for selection of digital camera particularly on the features of the recent series of micro-four thirds cameras.

Get to learn the basics of digital photography below.

1. The Difference Between JPEG and RAW Pictures

This article describes the difference between two popular formats used by photographers in taking digital photographs. There are advantages and disadvantages in using these two formats. Your camera should have manual control capability to enable you to take RAW pictures.

2. When to Use the Flash for Best Results

You need not use the camera's flash every time. This article describes why and when should the flash be used for best results.

3. How to Take Pictures of People

Taking portraits of your friends, family, relatives or the people in general requires several important considerations. This article provides tips on how to avoid common mistakes in taking pictures of people.

4. How to Take Pictures at Night

Given low light situations, what should you do? This article provides tips and examples of pictures at night using different camera settings. 

5. How to Produce that Creative Blur in Your Pictures: The Bokeh

Single lens reflex digital cameras produce pictures that look good compared to automatic digital cameras. This is partly attributed to that creative blur that highlights the main subject. How are these pictures produced? This article explains how and provides pictures of the bokeh effect.

6. How to Gain Control of Depth of Field

Do you wonder why your friends behind you are blurred from your photograph? This may be because you have a shallow depth of field setting in your camera. If you have manual control of the settings, you can change the depth of field to capture everything that you see. This article explains how to do this.

7. When to Use Which Shutter Speed

If you leave the camera's settings by itself, it will make automatic adjustments on shutter speed depending on ambient light. But interesting results could be obtained by adjusting the controls. Find out in this basic digital photography tip.

8. How to Get Good Close-up Pictures

This article explains how close-up pictures or macro shots should be taken for best results. Examples are provided for pictures taken afar and at close range.

9. How to Prevent Shadows from Showing in Your Pictures

Distracting shadows reduce the quality of your pictures. This article describes how to minimize shadows for better picture rendering.

10. How to Take Pictures of the Moon

The moon is an interesting subject of digital photography. But your resulting picture of the moon will just be plain ball of light unless you learn the few tricks described in this article.

Take time to read these digital camera photography basics and rest assured, you will enjoy the results of your digital photography venture. Well, you have to see Palawaniana (as pictures occupy a lot of space here in Knoji if uploaded and slow down loading of articles) if you want to see pictures using the above tips on digital camera photography basics.

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