Different Types Of Stamps

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What are the names of stamps, what are the different stamps to collect.

Stamp is one of the most popular collectibles of all time. There are stamp collectors all over the world and once you examine them closely, you will quickly understand why these miniature works continue to fascinate many people of all ages around the world. There are three types of stamps.

Commemorative :- This stamp is issued to honor a special event. Special event refers to Royal wedding, sporting event or any national event. In England, most people collect these stamps than any other types. Many collectors specialize particularly in Victorian stamps and include Definitive of that era in their collection.

As a new collector it is good to start your hobby with freebies. At the time of issues commemorative appear quite regularly on envelopes and if carefully soaked off, will form a good basis of very good collection. In England, in every set there are two low value stamps.

These stamps are used for first and second class mail. Many new collectors have found to their cost that when it came to reselling, due to the fact that they were sold by the million, these stamps have remained at the face value.

Thematics: As the name suggests, it covers all the themes a person can think of, from tropical fish to explorers, charitable campaigns to space travel. There are many themes appearing on stamps as there are on postcards, perhaps even more. Simply pick the subject you would like to collect. Travel is a popular subject and every form of travel has been depicted at sometime. There are many stamps which has vehicles in it like motorcycles, sailing ships, locomotive engine, space flight etc. If you have special interest in veteran cars, you'll find stamps picturing these too. Butterflies, birds and other animals are also famous in many countries and hence these stamps are easy to collect as they are easy to come by.

Most stamps are printed in glorious colors. There are also famous Walt Disney characters such as Mickey mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and other special characters. Most thematic stamps are of foreign origin and are neatly canceled.

The standard of printing is usually high, and the quality of paper is often superior to that which is used in the production of British stamps. But cheap thematic stamps should be excluded from your collection to improve your collection. Thematic stamps can be purchased for cheap price so there is no need of buying cheap thematic stamps.

Definitive : Definitive stamps are the stamps which mostly bear the head of ruling monarch or ruler at the time of stamp's issue. Serious collection of definitive stamps is a specialist hobby. However, like all stamps they can be good fun to collect.

Definitive stamps are those stamps which portray the queens head and are those that we see most often. They are issued in different colors but to the untrained eyes they look exactly the same.

Due to the various printing techniques there are different kinds of stamps of same value. Like all stamps they are fun to collect but to collect more of these stamps you have to rub your legs out.


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Posted on Jul 28, 2011
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