Different Types of Fireworks

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How many types of fireworks are there? What do fireworks usually cost?

Many people celebrate the 4th of July all over America. There are so many ways to celebrate. The most popular ways to celebrate are having cookouts and fireworks. I will list different types of fireworks and give as much information needed about each one.

*Aerial Repeaters*     

These type of fireworks are also known as “cakes”. They are one of the most popular fireworks bought around the world. Aerial repeaters are a great way to have you own little firework show. It has multiple tubes and one fuse. The fuse burns between the tubes on the lower side. Once the fuse is lit, all that is left to do is sit back and watch. Fireworks from this little thing will go off one after another. Aerial repeaters are the same thing as aerial shells. The only difference is you can light one fuse and shoot a bunch of big fireworks off at once. Repeaters come in different sizes. The small ones (7 shots) usually cost around $8. There are bigger kits that are over a cubic foot in volume. They can cost $40 and up.

*Aerial Shells*     

These type of fireworks are the big ones everybody likes to see. Many local parks hold a firework show and these fireworks are the main thing they will shot off. As you can see in the picture, the shells have a long fuse. Once you put the shells in the tube the fuse should be hanging out of the top of the tube. After you light the fuse, it’s time to run. You do not want to be beside this firework when it goes off. These fireworks will burst into a beautiful pattern when they reach the sky. They are not all the same color. The prices range from $8-$15 for a small kit. Larger kits may range from $30-$200. The price depends on what all is in the kit and how big it is. If you want more for your money, stick to artillery shells. There is a kind called “festive balls” but they are not as impressive and they have a weak performance.


Firecrackers are the earliest form of fireworks. When they were invited, the Chinese believed they would drive away evil spirits. These fireworks don’t have any pretty colors once they are lit. The only thing they do is make a really loud sound. These fireworks are also really good to run stray and wild animals away from your property. The prices can range from $0.25 for a string of a dozen to around $2.00 for a string of 200. If you need more than that, they do have a bigger size which will cost $100 for a roll of 15,000 to 20,000.

*Flying Spinners*  

These have slanted wings and are ground spinners. Because of the slanted wings, the air is directed downward as it spins. It then gets lifted off of the ground and goes into the air like a helicopter. This firework has colored stars inside and at the end of the flying process, a small burst charge ignites and ejects the stars. CAUTION: Sometimes the whole spinner will explode so make sure you have some distance between you and the firework. Small spinners usually cost $0.50 while larger ones (pictured) usually cost $1-$2.


These fireworks stay on the ground at all times. When the fuse is lit, you should have just enough time to take a few steps back. Fountains shoot showers of colored spark upwards. The highest they may shoot will be about 10 feet. Single fountains usually cost $2-$10 each, and fountains usually last 2-3 minutes.

*Ground Spinners*  

These fireworks also stayed on the ground. Ground Spinners spin on the ground randomly while shooting burst of colorful sparks and flames. Ground Spinners can come in different shapes and colors. A pack of 4 cost about $0.50.


These mines are like a combination of the shells and fountains. They come with a tube and re-loadable shells but when the firework goes off, it doesn’t come off of the ground. It shoots a fan shaped blast of color upwards.


Novelty fireworks are usually shaped like cars, tanks, boats, animals, (any real life object) Novelty fireworks are more fun for kids to watch. They are not very popular for adults. Novelty fireworks basically move across the ground. Many kids enjoy novelty fireworks because after the firework goes off, they can use the rest of it as a toy. These fireworks are not expensive. They usually cost $0.75- $2.00.


These fireworks have a night and day version. Day parachutes launch a canister in the air where it burst into one or two parachutes. A paratrooper is a little colored smoke canister which ignites on the way down so it can be found easier. Night parachutes are the exact same thing except they have a strobe light or colored star in it. Both of the night and day parachutes can be either “single or multiple” shots. The price range is about $0.50-$2.00 for both, night and day version.

*Poppers and Snaps* 

Not all states consider these as fireworks. These types are safe for children to have. Poppers and Snaps are most likely to be sold with toy items all year ‘round. Poppers just make a pop noise when they are thrown against the ground. Snaps have a string that you can pull to “shoot” its insides. The price range for these are 50 pieces (poppers) for $0.50. Snaps are $0.50 for half a dozen.

*Rockets and Missiles*  

The most popular type of these fireworks are bottle rockets. Most of these fireworks will have some type of sound (crackle, scream, stars) Bottle Rockets usually sell for less than a dollar per dozen. Skyrockets usually cost $1.50-$5.00 a piece, depending on the size and effects.

*Roman Candles* 

Roman candles are kind of like shells. Shells can only shoot one at a time but Roman candles have more that 3 shots per tube. Many people like to hold Roman candles while they go off. Anybody who does this is at risk of getting hurt. Some Roman candles have different effects. If you prop up the Roman candle, it is always a good idea to wait an extra minute or two after the Roman candles stop going off until you return to the empty tubes. Prices depend on what type of Roman candle you are looking to buy. Prices usually range from $0.75-$5.00.


These are also known as “Smoke Balls” or "Smoke Bombs". They are a great firework item to play around with during the day. As you can see in the picture above, once the fuse is lit, these little things fill the air with smoke. There are plenty of colors to choose from. Prices are usually $1.00 for a pack of 6.


Sparklers are the only firework that was meant to be held. When you light a sparkler, it burns the tip making beautiful bright colors. When you use sparklers, you can make different shapes in the air while it is lit. They usually cost $0.75/per box of 6.

Always use safety when using fireworks and never ever handle them with your hands or any part of your body. Be aware of any local firework laws that might outlaw all or some fireworks.