Did Beyonce And Rihanna Bleach Their Skin White?

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It's a simple question, or two specific questions in this article, did Beyonce bleach her skin white? Did Rihanna bleach her skin white? The answer is yes, they definitely did something, as you will see by these before and after photos, and I will discuss

The question is this, and it's a bit of a gossipy type of thing to write an article about, but did Rihanna and Beyonce (among many others) bleach or whiten their skin?

The answer is obviously yes, and here are a few photos to prove what I'm talking about. To start with, let's take a look at a before and after shot of Beyonce's skin:

This photo not only shows a dramatic difference in skin color, but also apparently shows evidence of a nose job, which is getting off the subject a bit. 

This isn't the most flattering photo anyway, but it shows a very pronounced difference in the skin tone of Beyonce in only a few years. 

Regardless if she looks like a blond haired white girl sitting next to Jay Z her husband, you can't deny that she is one of the most successful ladies in music generally, or for that matter in life generally, and so whether you think the bleaching of the skin was a good idea or a bad idea, it certainly did nothing to hold her back from stardom. 

Rihanna Skin Bleaching

Now to get to the photos of Rihanna and her skin bleaching treatments, the before and after pictures will show exactly how she changed. By the way, I'm not trying to say that lighter or whiter skin is better, or more beautiful, it's just something that happens in Hollywood, from Michael Jackson, to Beyonce to Rihanna, to news anchors, movie stars, porn stars, just regular every day people, in fact skin lightening is a huge industry. 

This photo shows a pretty dramatic change in just one year from being a totally dark skinned African woman to being almost completely Caucasian in appearance. 

It hasn't affected her fame, in fact some would actually argue that she was told to do this by experts in the music industry who argued that a woman of that dark a skin color could not be as much of a smash hit on the charts as a woman with lighter skin. 

It could be argued that president Obama could not have entered the white house if he had completely black skin, it's just too much of a difference to make white people completely comfortable, even on a sub-conscious level. 

There are many reasons why people use these skin bleaching products, and you can learn more about the actual process from this informative Wikipedia page on skin whitening. 

Most of the over the counter or online brands use either glycolic acid, arbutin, or Kojic acid, and all of these things are safe, it's just a matter of finding a trustworthy company to buy from, who provide the right sort of support and directions on how to apply the cream. Olay makes skin whitening products as do other companies.

You can go to a cosmetic surgeon to get these products applied, although that can cost a lot of money. You can see a doctor and get a prescription cream, but that usually leaves you with a cream with an active ingredient which is not safe to be prescribed without a prescription, such as hydroquinone. 

There are home remedies, but you must be aware that for the most part, they are either a waste of time, or even dangerous or deadly. You must do your homework carefully, choose a company that provides a quality product, and learn what results you can expect from using the cream over an extended period of time, and how to apply it correctly to get the best results. The links on this page should help you find out this information. 

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Posted on Jan 2, 2014