DeVry University V Strayer University-Which is Better?

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DeVry University and Strayer University are two online schools that are quite comparable in tuition prices. Tuition is about all these two schools have in common. DeVry University has a curriculum that is more focused on the students. DeVry University has

Today, in the United States there are more people than ever enrolling in higher education. There are many students that will enroll in online college courses. Nearly, every state university has a virtual campus. There are many private universities and colleges that offer online courses as well as traditional courses on the ground. DeVry University and Strayer University are two private universities that offer students the flexibility of online courses and traditional courses. Both are competitive in prices and curriculum. Students of both universities are eligible for financial assistance.

Strayer University offers programs in accounting, information technologies, information systems, criminal justice, and business. Students can choose to study for an associates degree, bachelors degree, diploma, executive graduate certificate, Jack Welch executive certificate, Jack Welch executive MBA, masters, or an undergraduate certificate. The university strives to assist students in making the correct decision for him or herself. The application fee at Strayer University is fifty dollars, and undergraduate full time students can look to pay over one thousand six hundred dollars per course. A part time student can look to pay over one thousand seven hundred dollars per course. Graduate students will pay around two thousand two hundred fifty dollars per course. This university does not offer any course studies at the doctoral level.

DeVry University offers programs in five schools of college. There is the School of Business and Management,  and the Schools of Health Sciences, Engineering and Information Sciences, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Media Arts and Technologies.  Students can study for degrees in accounting, education, associates, bachelors, masters or Information Technology degrees. A United States undergraduate student can look to pay tuition fees of three hundred sixty five dollars per credit hour if enrolled full time and six hundred nine dollars per credit hour if enrolled part time. The Calgary programs at DeVry University range in price from over sixteen thousand to over fifty six thousand dollars. Graduate students can look to pay about two thousand three hundred dollars per course. DeVry University has an affiliation with the Keller Graduate School of Management and students enrolled in this program can expect to pay about two thousand three hundred dollars.

If you are a student looking for an advanced degree in business it appears that DeVry is the better school. DeVry University has tuition prices that are comparable to those at Strayer University; however, the curriculum at DeVry seems to be more focused on the student than that at Strayer.