Decorah Eagles: Facts About the Bald Eagles on Ustream Webcam

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Facts about the Decorah Bald Eagles on the Ustream webcam. Live coverage of Bald Eagles nesting in Decorah, Iowa.

There are two Bald Eagles in Decorah, Iowa that are very famous and they don't even know it. The Decorah eagle pair is being filmed 24/7 on a Ustream webcam for viewers to enjoy the non-stop activities of these majestic animals. The live stream is provided by the Raptor Resource Project (RRP).

What are some facts about the Decorah Bald Eagles?

  • The male and female Bald Eagles have been together since the winter of 2007-2008. Markings of the female during that time indicated to researchers that she was about four years old.
  • The mating pair has had four seasons of hatching eaglets, including 2011. In 2008, two eaglets were hatched and fledged, three in 2009, and three again in 2010. 
  • Eagles aren't banded.
  • Ustream is filming a nest that the Bald Eagle pair built in Decorah in 2007. It is said to be five to six feet across and 80 feet high.
  • Location of the eagles' nest is on private property surrounding Decorah Fish Hatchery and is near the Trout Run river in northeast Iowa. The birds have a great view of their surroundings. A road in the distance can be seen in the background of cars occasionally driving by.
  •  The Decorah eagles' nest has been featured on the PBS nature special, "American Eagle" in 2008.
  •  Eaglets hatched in 2010 are said on the web site to be on the wing but not tracked.
  • Females are larger than the males. The male in this pair is said to have a "sleeker" head and beadier eye than the female eagle. The female also has a somewhat grayish shadow that encircles her eye.
  • For 2011, the first egg hatched recently on April 2 with the second on April 3, and the third on April 6.
  • Infrared light enables night vision on the webcam, but it's not visible to the Bald Eagles.
  • Activities are monitored by the Raptor Resource Project, a non-profit organization that was established in 1988. They rehabilitate and promote the preservation of eagles, hawks, falcons, owls, and ospreys. They maintain a variety of nesting sites for the raptors.

Watch the Decorah Bald Eagle pair live HERE. The site has links that display the panoramic views the eagles have and earlier footage of the 2011 hatchlings. There are two cameras operated by the RRP that the eagles are completely unaware of. Ustream provides wildlife enthusiasts literally a "bird's eye view" of the Decorah eagles.

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Source:    Raptor Resource Project


Heather Tooley
Posted on Apr 15, 2011
Posted on Apr 15, 2011