Deathbed Visions and Visitations- What Happens Before We Die?

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Learn about Deathbed Visions and Deathbed Visitations to understand what happens right before we die.

Deathbed Visions, also referred to as Deathbed Visitations, are a common yet often undocumented experiences in which those who are soon to depart from the physical world see and are able to communicate with loved ones and/or angelic beings who are on the other side waiting to welcome them home after physical death.

In most cases, these visions and visitations occur in patients and people who have experienced a long term illness or whose deteriorating health and vitality lead to physical death. The journey of transition from the physical to the ethereal realms of spirit varies for each person but it has been said by both family members and medical caregivers that these visions and visitations occur almost always within a one to two day window prior to the patient's death. In some instances, it occurs right before the body expires.

Many nurses, caregivers, family members and health care facilitators have described their patients very similarly to each other when they have experienced such a vision prior to their death. It has been described that the patient, even if they have been lethargic, uncommunicative, unresponsive or have difficulties with cognition, will often sit or stand forward very alert with their arms outstretched, reaching upward, and talking very coherently to "someone" or "something" that only they can see. These communications are described as relatives or angelic beings that have come to guide them home to the other side, and that they have arrived to welcome them back home to spirit.

Deathbed Visions are very different from Near Death Experiences, also known as NDE's, in the fact they are a precursor to death, rather than the survival of death, or a close call with death.

Many caregivers will describe that their patients will often experience a sharp decline in bodily vital function that then leads to death after they have experienced such a visitation. Even in circumstances in which patients are reported to be responding well to long term treatment or seem to be improving, they will often decline unexpectedly, regardless of treatment and measures taken to keep them fully functioning and alive.

It has become much more popular in treatment programs and end-of-life preparations to inform patients of these experiences and to help them incorporate a dialogue about what happens to the spirit during death.

The topic of the Survival of Consciousness has become much further explored, even in the scientific community. Such as in the work of Dr. Emoto who has documented the popular studies of how vibration and intention affects water molecules. As well, more and more we are seeing people in the medical community come forward with many accounts of these incredible experiences of Deathbed Visitations. In a recent book, Visions, Trips and Crowded Rooms written by author David Kessler which has been published by Hay House, David describes many incredible accounts of Deathbed Visitations from both family members of those who have died and by the health care professionals that tended to them prior to their death which gives even more clarity and understanding into this very natural experience that occurs despite religious differences, belief systems and societal conditions.

As a medium I am able to perceive subtle changes within the body and I am energetically sensitive to the shifts that occur in the persons vibrational vitality prior to their death. When someone is close to death, I can see their "color" depart and a chalky grayish color is left behind that is visible in the physical body. The spirit, when healthy, glows as a pinkish gold and is visible through the many vibrational layers of the human body. But when the spirit is nearing departure from the body, it begins to separate vibrationally, as if it creates it's own veil, and the body becomes shadowed in hues of gray. Sometimes this registers in forms of Empathic Resonance and other times this comes in visions prior to even meeting the person before a session.

Many people who communicate after they have passed on, describe their last moments prior to death as painless, warm, and silent, and that those they loved who died before them, even many years before them, came to welcome them home when it was their time to go.

The cycle continues still and even in sessions I do with people who are still very healthy and far away from physical death, their loved ones come through to share the message of strength and faith that they will wait patiently for them so that when it is their time to go, they will be greeted by those who are on the other side waiting.

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