Dealing with a Judgmental Boss

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Life is not always easy if you have a judgmental boss.

Life is not always easy if you have a judgmental boss.

A disapproving or judgmental boss can turn every single day of work miserable. But unless you opt to quit and find a new job immediately, you will be stacked with a critical boss for an undefined amount of time. In this situation, come up and develop coping techniques and strategies so that your boss’s nagging personality and comments won’t get under your skin and nerves.

Here are some tips on how to deal and handle a judgmental and disapproving boss:

• Try to avoid and ignore the negative comments and judgmental looks on your boss’s face. An overly excessive boss can make your entire life miserable and difficult at your workplace but if you know how to strategize and ignore something that you believe you cannot change can somewhat lessen unnecessary stress. When he becomes very critical, tune him out. Then comfort and remind yourself that you have accomplished a great job and that your boss has no basis to be upset with you whatsoever.

• Talk things out with your fellow worker who receives the same judgmental comment from your boss. This is necessary to remind you that you are not the only one who is most of the time given the excessive and destructive criticism. Better if the conversation is outside your workplace just to be sure that no wrong person can overhear both of you.

• Be brave to discuss the issue with your big boss. Seek reasons and clarifications why he always makes judgmental comments. Refrain from angry confrontation, rather bring up your concern in a non-confrontational tone and manner. For example, while delivering a report your boss shows an excessive critical expression. You may ask, “Is something wrong with my presentation? It seems that you are displeased.” This act will open a line of communication which will encourage him to share his thoughts on the matter.

• If you think you are being treated by your boss unfairly, you have all the rights to discuss the issue and explain what you feel to your company’s human resources officer. Your conversation with the HR rep will be kept confidentially. If other employees have the same complains against your boss’s attitude and personality in general, it’s management’s discretion to send him to employees’ relation training to improve his skills in treating his subordinates.

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Kathleen Murphy
Posted on Jul 19, 2011