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Dawson's Creek: The Music of the Anti-Prom

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An article about Sarah Slean and Dawson's Creek.

Sarah Slean is a canadian artist whose music I first heard on the teen drama, "Dawson's Creek." Her song "My Invitation is a favorite for fans of the fictional television couple, Pacey Witter and Joey Potter. The song played at their prom, and the scene in which the song played still ignites passion from the show's dedicated fan base. This song matched the melancholy vibes the show's writers and producers wanted to convey to the television show's many teen girl filled audience.The song illustrated to the audience the sadness can come from having intense romantic feelings that the couple feels that they are not allowed to carry out or demonstrate. Joey Potter who was at the center of this unexpected love triangle had previously always been in love with Dawson Leery but somewhere along the way she feel in complete love with his now former best friend, who was also her former boyfriend slash best friend.

She attended the dance with her friend, Dawson essentially to keep her long time best friend since childhood in her life, but her feelings were always at war between her rational head, and her turning heart. She and Pacey danced together at the dance causing Dawson to become very angry, leaving Pacey alone with his tragic feelings. The song represented all three characters feelings of sadness and doom.

The song was perfect because teens in these dramas always seem so fatalistic. TV shows rarely show them having fun or laughing. They are usually crying, and often very emotionally conflicted in both their heads and their hearts. Dramas like to have the characters maintain triangles because then one character or maybe all of them is never quite happy or feel completely stable within the relationship.

Dawson's Creek had a wonderful music department who were extremely talented at choosing the perfect song that matched the undertones of the emotions of the scene that often times went unsaid by the actors, but that were meant to be infered by the viewing audience.

This particular song touched me very deeply, even after over a decade has passed since I first heard this tragic but lovely song. Sarah Slean is a wonderful talent and vocalist. The acting and chemistry between Katie Holmes and Jonathan Jackson including the dialogue and the song selection took the episode to a higher emotional plane.

"My Invitation" by Sarah Slean is my favorite song in any of the episodes.


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