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Danny Hauger: Beyond Simple Talent and Simply Catchy Tunes

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Danny Hauger's instrumentals express an honesty and tell stories without words. Danny has a tender, honest voice. All his music is soothing and expresses emotion, with or without lyrics.

Some of you may know Danny Hauger, a fellow writer here on Factoidz. This young man is not only a very talented writer, but also a budding musician as well. I recently listened to some of his music, provided free at multiple sites, including his own site, DannyHauger.com: Hauger Marketing Management. At this site he offers his services for radio (commercials, voiceovers and more), music (free downloads, bookings, etc), writer for hire (research, reviews, transcriptions, jokes, and more), and additional services such as converting VHS tapes into DVDs.

Danny Hauger: Mass Media Experience

Danny is very experienced in media. Living in California, Danny has attended several colleges and been a DJ for several radio stations. He has also done behind the scenes work such as producing and operations director. Much emphasis has been placed on sports writing and broadcasting.

Dan "The Man" has been involved with marketing, voiceovers, and commercials; a plethora of writing projects, including a host of freelance articles, submissions to the hit show The Office, product pitches and reviews, press releases, newsletters, and much more. In addition to all the talents offered by Danny Hauger, he is also a talented musician.

His Music: The Heart of Danny Hauger?

Music touches so many people in different ways. For some it's a way to pass the time. For others it can be a comfort or a friend when no one is there for you. For some musicians it is an outlet or almost like a diary to express oneself to the world.

I listened to Danny Hauger's songs today. Many were instrumentals, which were very soothing and relaxing. After all, one of his instrumental albums is entitled "Songs to Wake Up To." I am not normally a fan of instrumentals. Well, I can listen to one or two at a time, but I do prefer songs with lyrics. However, Danny's instrumentals were comforting and beautiful.

I first listened to "Jackson Valley" performed live at Gypsy Lounge. I liked it, and just when I thought it might be dragging on and getting too long, it ended, so it was perfect. Next was "Don't Mind Me." This song was okay. I did find my foot tapping along to the music as I tuned in. "Poolside Summer" is a fun, carefree song that really does remind me of a summer vacation or a fun, lazy day by the pool.

"Back to the Room" expresses emotion without any lyrics at all. The music is a bit faster paced than the aforementioned songs. I felt it expressed a wanting or desire even without words, some type of yearning. This song is one of my favorites, as is "Until Sunrise." These songs were deeper and very expressive, in my opinion.


"Return" is a simple yet catchy song where I heard Danny's voice for the first time. "Cozy Corner" features groovier music.

"Losing Sleep" is a tender yet sad song of unrequited love. I like this song very much. I think my favorite song from Danny is "Rise from What You Know," a touching and sensitive song.

Danny's Voice and Music

Even Danny's instrumentals express an honesty and tell stories without words. Danny has a tender, honest voice. All his music is soothing and expresses emotion, with or without lyrics.

I tend to prefer harder rock, but I can relax and listen to Danny Hauger's music often and reflect on things while being soothed by his melodies. Check out his songs today. He offers many songs for free. See what emotions are brought to light when you experience his talent.


Danny Hauger.com: Hauger Marketing Management

Danny Hauger Music on Facebook

Danny's Factoidz Profile


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