Criss Angel Halloween Costumes

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Criss Angel Halloween costumes

Lately Criss Angel has been a huge subject of talk, ever since they showed the episode of Criss walking on water. No matter if Criss Angel is doing magic or disappearing, he always has funky styles of clothing to go with him that are quite inspiring. Criss Angel wears almost anything. He wears baggy pants, tight jeans, leather pants, lots of necklaces, tee shirts, bracelets, denim vests, hoodies, and even tight dress shirts. This would be a very easy Halloween costume to make for any fan of Criss Angel or anyone looking for an easy homemade Halloween costume.

Criss Angel is a great Halloween costume for toddlers, teens, and adults. If you love magic, rock, jewelry, and funky hairstyles this costume will suit you well. For the Criss Angel Halloween costume, you can be Criss with or without the beard.

How to make a Criss Angel Halloween costume without beard:

You will need a short, shaggy, black-hair wig (with blonde highlights) Make sure the bangs are long and cover your eyes.

Huge fake or real diamond earring, smaller earrings to go up the rest of the ear (optional)

3-4 silver necklaces to give a layered look (crosses or a necklace with a huge A on it like shown in Mindfreak)

A pair of faded, ripped jeans and a tee shirt (Make sure the shirt has a print on it, Criss loves designs)

Pair of black boots

Big silver rings, bracelets, and a watch

Clean-shaven face

How to put together the Criss Angel Halloween costume

The only thing you really need to work on for this costume is the hair. You can choose from Criss Angel’s long or short hair. For the long hair, you will need a long brown shaggy layered wig that reaches the top of your shoulders. Make sure the bangs are covering one eye. Criss Angel’s long hairstyle reminds me of Joe Perry from Aerosmith. Therefore, to get a better image on how to style your hair like Criss Angel just look up pictures of Joe Perry from Aerosmith.

Another option for Criss Angel’s long hair is to buy a long black waist-long wig and become Criss Angel the Gothic for Halloween.

Criss Angel’s short hairstyles include an awesome razor cut style with bold honey highlights, or a razor cut with cherry-red highlights. Make sure the top length of the hair comes to the middle of each ear. Then make an off center part and allow the strands in the front to be much longer. The two strands of hair should reach the corner of your lip. Allow 2-3 inches of length in the back, but make sure it is really layered, choppy and uneven. To add the highlights use food coloring, hair dye, Kool-Aid, or semi-permanent color.

How to make a Gothic Criss Angel Halloween costume:

For this Halloween costume, you will need a long straight black wig, leather pants, leather jacket, black boots, black belt, black nails, black fishnet shirt with chains, black eyeliner, and a slightly tanned face with dark black eyebrows.

How to make a sexy Criss Angel Halloween costume

Criss Angel loves to show off his chest by wearing leather vests or denim vests with no shirt underneath. Criss Angel has a very sexy appeal to him so I can completely understand why he wants to show his chest off. To make this look work for your costume, you will need a black sleeveless leather vest, lots of long silver necklaces, very faded denim jeans with a torn, distressed look to them, black buckle belt, black suspenders hanging from the jeans, silver bracelets, silver watch, black fedora hat, black boots, and short Criss Angel hair with blonde highlights.

How to make a Criss Angel Halloween costume with the beard

To make this costume everything will be the same as mentioned above except for the face and hat. You will need to add a very full mustache and beard along with a black beanie hat to cover your hair. Of course, you can always grow your beard and mustache a few weeks before Halloween to get Criss Angel’s look. However, remember you cannot shave it. Another option is to find a pirates beard at a Halloween store or online. Can you make your own Halloween beard? Matter of fact you can, but it has to be done with latex, which may cause some people to get irritated skin. Search online by putting “Fake beard tutorials” into the Google search box.


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