Criminal Minds Fashion: How to Look Like Penelope Garcia

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Have you ever watched Criminal Minds and thought the character Penelope Garcia dresses in a cute and creative manner? If so this article looks at her style and provides tips on how to look like Penelope Garcia. The tips include both fashion and beauty sug

Criminal Minds is a mystery drama series about a group of profilers and their support staff. They are part of the FBI and work on solving some of the most serious crimes.  Penelope Garcia is an analyst and computer whiz, played by Kirsten Vangsness. She helps the others solve cases by accessing data back in the office. Penelope Garcia has a bubbly personality that is like a breath of fresh air to her colleagues and the viewers at home. This is because the show revolves around some quite dark and horrendous events. Penelope’s fashion choices match her personality, they are bright and uplifting. If you like Penelope Garcia’s style this article looks at how to emulate it.

Six ways to look like Penelope Garcia:

 1. Experiment with different hair colors

Over the course of the show Penelope Garcia has been shown with many different hair colors. Some of the most memorable include platinum blonde, Red and blonde with Pink highlights. If you want to experiment with color, but don’t actually want to dye your hair, you could try wearing different colored wigs or some colored hair extensions.

2. Try hair accessories

Penelope Garcia also often wears some form of hair accessory.  One of her signature looks is a flower that compliments the color of her outfit. For example she will wear a Turquoise colored flower in her hair when she wears a Turquoise colored dress. She also wears quite a few headbands including styles with bows.

3. Vary your glasses or sunglasses

Penelope wears glasses and she varies the style regularly. She wears lots of fun styles like Cat eye frames, frames with different textures like snakeskin and multi colored styles. If you don’t need to wear glasses this look is really easy to replicate, because there are lots of cheap fashion sunglasses available for purchase.

4. Wear lots of color

Penelope Garcia rarely wears dark monochromatic looks. She pushes the boundaries by wearing lots of bold colors and sometimes wearing surprising combinations. For example, she will wear bright orange with Turquoise Blue, or Turquoise Blue with lime green.

5. Try Bold lip colors

On Criminal Minds they often show Penelope from the upper body up and in particular they zoom in on her lips. If in your day to day life you work behind a counter, you too can help yourself stand out by wearing a bright lip color. Penelope often wears Red, Burgundy, or Fuchsia lipsticks.  However, always be sure to choose tones that work with your coloring.

6. Have fun with accessories

Penelope Garcia not only experiments with hair accessories, she has a lot of fun with other types of accessories as well. Consider trying dangly earrings, multiple necklaces or feature necklaces, brooches and cute touches like cherry charms and iconic logos. 


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