Criminal Minds Fashion: How to Look Like Jennifer Jareau

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If you enjoy watching criminal minds you might have taken some interest in how the characters project themselves appearance wise. This article looks at the style of Jennifer Jareau. It includes tips on how to go about looking like her. If you also like P

Jennifer Jareau, or JJ is a character on the award winning crime show Criminal Minds, played by A.J Cook. For most of the series her role on the show has been that of media liaison for the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI. Her style is therefore very professional. Her look is great inspiration if you work in an office and need to wear fairly traditional attire.

Jennifer Jareau key looks:

 Pant and skirt suits

JJ has been shown in a selection of matching pant and skirt suits. The skirt suits are usually pencil skirts and the pants are often wide leg tailored styles. She varies her look between dark plain suits like Black suits and a few more interesting styles like pinstripes and subtle herringbones. The jackets are often one button blazers.

Tailored business shirts

JJ wears lots of tailored, button front business shirts in semi fitted cuts. She wears different colors like Purple and Blue, but often favors the classic White shirt. When looking for tailored business shirts try styles that have a small percentage of stretch, they are easier to move in and don’t tend to wrinkle as badly.

Classic v neck and round neck sweaters

Whether it’s under a jacket or worn alone JJ wears quite a few classic knit sweaters. She varies the necklines between v neck styles and round neck styles, but she always keeps it modest and office appropriate. A sweater knit is a great way to show some of your shape whilst still keeping your look office worthy.

A knit over a collared shirt

Another look Jennifer wears is a knit sweater over a collared shirt. This is a great professional layered look for the office. It also gives wardrobe basics a new lease on life.

Long polished blonde hair

JJ wears her long blonde hair in a polished manner. If she wears it out it is straight and neat. You can achieve this look by drying your hair smoothly and then running a flat iron over it. Sometimes she wears it in a sleek ponytail or pulled half up.

She has experimented with different bang styles since first appearing on the show. For example at one point she had no bangs and parted her hair to one side, at another time she had graduated side bangs, and yet another time she wore thick blunt cut bangs straight across her brows. Choose whatever style best suits your face shape. For example, square face shapes often suit side parted graduated bangs. If you have a perfect oval face shape you can wear all different styles like JJ.

Dark denim boot cut jeans

On less formal occasions JJ often wears jeans and a t-shirt or knit. The jeans she generally selects are classic dark denim styles in a boot cut fit. Boot cut jeans are flattering on many different body shapes as they help to balance out the bottom and thighs or even wider shoulders. Dark denim is a good casual workplace option, because it is more professional looking than lighter styles, or those with obvious bleach techniques like whiskering. 

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