Creating a Paper Star Decoration - Easy to Make

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An simple, easy to make, paper star decoration. Could be used on a Christmas tree, a Sukkah, or decorating a childrens room.

This paper star decoration is really easy to make, and turns out quite impressive compared to the little amount of work needed to be put into it. You will be needing three sheets of paper, a pair of compasses, a ruler, a pencil, a pair of scissors and some thin string.

It is best to be using colourd paper, with the option of combining three different colours together, but you could also choose to use the same colour for all papers.

You could always colour the stars by yourself as well, if white paper is all you have.

Draw a round circle of the same size on each sheet of paper, using a pair of compasses, or a round object - like a cup or a small plate. Cut out the circles, and gently fold each circle in half and then again - to receive a marking of the middle. Those marks will help you draw the cutting lines in the right place, as shown in the picture.

Use a ruler to draw straight lines and make a cut on the markings.

Combine all three circles together - first putting the yellow circle in the middle cut of the orange one, and then placing the X of the red circle on both papers, and fitting it in place. (The colours noted here are only meant to differentiate the part).

You could stop right there - having the shape of a 3D circle, or go on with it - and cut the circles into stars. You could add as many triangular points as you like, but a simple star will look nice with the amount of points shown in the picture – one in the middle and one at the edge.

When finished - use the string to tie up the star, and hang it up as decoration. It could be decorating a Christmas tree (for Christians), a Sukkah (for Jewish people), or a children's room. Very quick, fun and easy to make!


Anuradha Ramkumar
Posted on Jun 15, 2011
Posted on Jun 13, 2011
Roberta Baxter
Posted on Jun 13, 2011