Court House Hill - A Nova Scotia Day Tripper Destination

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Located in Gore, Nova Scotia, the Court House Hill memorial is a site to be had, offering a sweeping view of five counties. An almost hidden Nova Scotia Day Tripper Destination.

The sleepy little community of Gore, Hants County, is located approximately 20 minutes from Highway 102, Exit 8 in Elmsdale.  Quiet country best describes the vibe, but being within a half hour of the Stanfield International Airport means if the stop over gives the traveler time, Courthouse Hill just might be worth a visit, especially if beautiful country sides appeal to your road tripping nature.

In October 1867, the courthouse in Gore would open its doors to hold its first meeting to conduct the business of the East Hants Municipality and the people who would form her council.  The courthouse would continue to serve the judges and municipal councilors of East Hants until 1907.  The building would continue to stand as a historical land mark, until the fateful day of July 22, 1956 when, like so much of our histories and landmarks, it would be consumed by fire. The building may be no more, but the location alone still warrants a visit by the Nova Scotia Day Tripper.

In an effort to maintain the historic value of the site, a memorial was constructed, surprising road trippers as they stumble upon the unexpected setting.  Set at the top of the hill, surrounded by cultivated blueberry fields and home sites, the Nova Scotia Day Tripper will be surprised to discover one of the most fantastic views the province of Nova Scotia has to offer, weather permitting.

The memorial has been designed to best take advantage of the view, and orients the visitor by way of footprints, set in stone, where they are able to stand and overlook a total of five counties.

As they follow the footprints, they are able to take in sweeping views of Hants, Kings, Colchester, Cumberland and Pictou counties.  The monument is fenced in white, and offers a bench for sitting.  It is quiet and out of the way, but a worthy visit none the less. This little known monument is also the ideal place to break out the picnic basket, as seldom will two road trippers land at the same time.  It is isolated, tucked away, and the perfect spot to reconnect with the wonder of the province.

Situated on a rough dirt road that takes you to the top of the hill, it can be very easy to miss the Courthouse Hill monument.  If you ever find yourself venturing along Highway No 202 in East Gore, keep your eyes peeled for Court House Hill Road.  You will come upon it, just as the view really starts to take your breath away.


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