Cosmetics Store Reviews: Elizabeth Arden vs Clarins

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A brief look at Elizabeth Arden, the founder of cosmetics and beauty treatment as we know it today, and the current Elizabeth Arden and Clarins products and websites. A review of prices and what to expect from them.

The Dawn and evolution of beauty products as we know them today is just about all due to Elizabeth Arden.

Elizabeth Arden was actually a woman from Ontario, Canada, named Florence Nightingale Graham and studied as a nurse - no relation to the other Florence Nightingale.

Born in 1884, at the age of twenty-five she formed a partnership with another lady called  Elizabeth Hubbard, (this partnership did not last long), but, nonetheless the name Elizabeth Arden was born from Elizabeth and a poem by Tennyson called "Enoch Arden".

Ms Graham A.K.A. traveled to France in 1912 to learn different beauty techniques and when she returned it was with various “cosmetics” she had created.

Up until then only “entertainers” had worn makeup, but Florence introduced cosmetics and “makeovers” in her salons.

Elizabeth Arden worked with a chemist, A. Fabian Swanson, to create a new type of face cream, Venetia

n Cream Amoretta, and after this was a big success the working relationship continued and brought about the birth of using scientific formulas to makeup. The idea of matching lip and nail colors came from this innovative woman as well, and her Red Door beauty salons were, and still are, much sought after spas.

At one point in her career, “Elizabeth Arden” was one of the wealthiest women in the world.

Elizabeth Arden has been owned by Fabergé since 1987.

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