Corporal Language Kinesics: Body Language And Expressions - Can They Really Betray You?

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Can your Facial and Body Language Betray you when talking to somebody?

Corporal Language (also know as Kinesics or quinésica) is everything you transmit through your body, gestures or facial expressions. These sometimes can tell your feelings, the perception of the person you are talking to or the person you are talking about they can also tell your mood.

Most people would love to be able to read other people thoughts, well Body language or Corporal Language can betray your feelings fully or perception of the person you are interacting.

Body movements sometimes bring special meaning to the spoken word, during a speech or communicative event; these can have a meaning or reflect an intention, sometimes unwanted. These movements are studied by kinesics or quinésica.


Gestures, most of the time are the key to know what someone is thinking bout you or what you've just said, gestures reflect whether if a person is comfortable, uncomfortable, if the person is telling the truth, if the person feels awkward, there are several ways to notice what someone is thinking.

A gesture is a form of nonverbal communication executed with a body part, and produced by the movement of joints and muscles of the arms, hands and head or face expressions.


Some times the posture of a person can tell a lot, for example in a Job interview if you have your arms crossed it sometimes means that you are not fully comfortable and that you are not answering 100% with the True, moving your feet and your hands tells that you are impatient or uncomfortable, most interviewers besides of interviewing you, they read your body language while you are answering a question, perhaps you'll not notice this but this is very important on a Job interview.

Facial Expressions: Facial Expression reflect your mood and emotions, these are often used to emphasize something. When we someone smiling we think he's happy or enjoying something however smiling can be used to hide our true feelings or opinions, smiling is often used as a mask.

Some other Gestures that might betray you:

*Watching your Clock while talking to someone tells that you are in a hurry or just uncomfortable.

*Biting your nails shows insecurity.

*Crossing your arms shows a defensive attitude.

*Having your hands on your checks shows "evaluation".

Body Language Can Betray Your True Thoughts

Your body language can certainly betray your real thoughts, feelings and the truth. You might think you are getting away with a lie, but you are not. In your mind, you might really think that you are getting away with telling a lie, but your body language will betray you, almost every time.

Pause: When you ask a person a generic question like, “where were you seven years ago today?” A pause before answering is probably normal, because who remembers seven years ago, unless it was something very memorable.

But, when you ask this person a more specific question like, “were you with someone else seven years ago today?” A pause might mean they are thinking of a lie. Normally a person that is telling the truth will not have to pause before answering a direct and specific question. If there is no pause and they quickly blurt out, “NO”, that could be the truth.

Shaking the head: When asking a person a question and they answer no, yet there head is nodding yes that is a very good sign that their body language is betraying them.

Covering the mouth: When a person is not being totally honest, they might cover their mouth while talking.

Other signs include clearing the throat while talking, of possible dishonesty as is not making direct eye contact or forced eye contact while not being totally honest.

Lairs know when they are lying and probably know the signs that others look for, so they force themselves to act normal when lying. This can also be picked up by most people. When telling a lie, the liar might look directly at you, but it is forced and not natural.

As you can see, your body language can really betray your true thoughts and the truth, and most people can pick up on these body language signs.