Cooking Tips: How to Remove Extra Salt from Stocks, Sauces, Soups and Stews

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I am sure that you will agree with me that at some point in our lives, all of us manage to cook an awfully salty dish. Adding too much salt while cooking is a very common mistake. Sometimes the salt just rushes out of the container too fast, and other times food becomes over salty because of the salty ingredients added in the recipe. But most of the time it is the wrong estimation of the salt.

I was cooking lamb curry yesterday night, and unfortunately added too much salt. All the flavors from my curry simply vanished and I could only taste harsh flavor of the salt. My lamb curry was completely ruined but, then I just thought to check on Internet if there were any ways to remove the excessive salt from stocks, sauces, soups and stews.

And here I am sharing with you my experience on dealing with an over salty situation. Excessive salt literally ruins the stocks, sauces, soups and stews. Next time if you end up cooking extremely salty food, do not just discard it then and there.Before you think of throwing your preparation away, simply try using these magic ingredients from your kitchen to remove the excessive salt.

Fresh Lemon

Over salty food which does not contain any dairy product can be easily saved by adding few drops of fresh lemon. Lemon has excellent ability of taking out the flavor of the salt without changing the taste of the food. Lemon is indeed a magic ingredient. If interested check beauty benefits of lemon and health benefits of lemon too.

Add More Base Ingredients

Another simple way to remove the harsh flavor of the salt from stocks, sauces soups or stews is by adding extra base ingredients. Cook a small amount of base ingredients separately and add them to your over salty preparation. Adding more base ingredients will definitely help in fixing up the salty disaster.


To save an over salty recipe, peel a raw potato and cut it into large size pieces. While the salty stock, sauce, soup or stew is still hot, add raw potato pieces to it. Leave your salty dish aside with raw potatoes for 5 to 10 minutes. The raw potato will absorb tremendous amount of salt. Before serving, do remember to remove the raw potato pieces, right! Such a simple remedy to remove the extra salt, indeed!


Alternatively, add raw potato chunks to your salty preparation and cook it for few minutes. The potato will take in the extra salt easily. Potato is indeed a great recipe saver. Learn more about Potato : How to use potatoes in your beauty routine

Balsamic Vinegar

Add a small amount of balsamic vinegar to neutralize the harsh flavor of the salt. But remember to add the balsamic vinegar in small quantity, little-by-little until the perfect flavor is achieved.

Sugar or honey

A little sugar or honey can also save your salty food. Add a spoon of honey or sugar to balance the salty flavors.

Plain Yoghurt or Tomato

Adding a little plain yoghurt or a tomato can be helpful to disguise the saltiness, especially from stews, soups and curries. Other great quality of Tomatoes: How to use tomatoes in your beauty routine

Most of all bear in mind do not use these ingredients all together in your entire recipe. At first try to remove the excessive salt from a small quantity, before altering an entire recipe. Choose any one of the magic ingredients which you think best suits your salty food, and the use of which will not spoil the taste and flavors of your entire preparation.

I used raw potato and fresh lemon juice to fix my lamb curry. And the result was amazing , from over salty lamb curry it turned into an extremely delicious meal. Hopefully one of these methods will help to save your salty disaster too. All the Best!


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