Converse vs Vans: Shoes Compared

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Converse has been in business for over 100 years and is still a favorite among athletes and all customers with their popular Converse and Chuck Taylor line of shoes. In addition to carrying shoes, Vans also sells all types of clothing and accessories for


Converse has been in business for over 100 years, beginning in 1908 as a rubber shoe company that specialized in galoshes. In 1920, they renamed their shoes, Converse All Stars, which has remained a popular athletic shoe ever since. Today, they have Converse, Jack Purcell, Chuck Taylor and Converse Cons shoes.

Converse Shoes

Converse sells shoes and shirts for men, women and kids plus they also allow customers to customize their Chuck Taylor shoes. Their shoe and clothing categories for men and women include:

  • Sneakers
  • Clothing that includes tee shirts
  • Accessories

Customers can also search by size, style and color of shoes plus Converse offers the following collections:

  • Classic Colors
  • Fresh Colors
  • Leather
  • Americana
  • John Varvatos
  • Skateboarding
  • First String

Converse Customized Shoes

Customers can customize Chuck Taylor athletic shoes at Converse. You will be able to view all customized shoes or start out with a blank canvas. Click on the shoe you want to customize and you can then pick your design.

Converse Customer Features

Converse offers the following customer features:

  • Free shipping on orders of $75 and over.
  • Free returns for registered users.
  • Converse accepts all major credit and debit cards issued by a U.S. bank and they also accept PayPal using a U.S. address.

Converse Coupons

Converse Customer Comments

Converse has good customer reviews and comments. Converse is rated 4.5 stars on and DSW shoes rates Converse shoes a 4.5 out of 5 with the following customer comments:

  • I love a new pair of bright white sneakers in the spring! These are very comfortable and more substantial than the Keds I used to buy growing up."
  • Old Faithfuls! I was fortunate enough to get the last pair in my size (at the time) and I was reminded of how much fun it is to wear sneakers! They do run a bit narrow, they're perfect in length and the canvas stretches so a few trips around the block and Jack Purcell was famous and comfy. I constantly get comments about them: Teenagers, who think they're "So retro!" to an old man in the grocery who wore them for basketball practice in college!"
  • "I love these shoes. I used to wear Jack Purcell's in high school. The footbed has more cushioning than it did back then: a major plus. The shoe runs narrow, just like converse all-stars. It's a super-comfy, kick-around shoe. Looks great with pants or shorts, and even some skirts."


Vans was founded in 1966, when brothers Paul Van Doren and James Van Doren, Gordon Lee, and Serge D'Elia opened the first Vans shoe store in Anaheim, California. In 2000 and 2001, Forbes named Vans as one of America’s best small companies.

Vans Shoes

Vans sells shoes, clothing and accessories for men, women and kids. Their line of shoes, clothing and accessories includes:

  • Clothing for men, women and kids: Tank tops, tee shirts, shorts, board shorts, pants, jeans, joggers, hoodies, jackets, dresses and skirts, tops and leggings.
  • Accessories: Backpacks, bags, hats, beanies, socks, sunglasses, wallets, key chains, belts and laces.
  • Shoes: Classics, surf, snowboard boots, pro skate, sandals, lifestyle and collections.

At Vans, customers can find collaborations that include Disney, Eley Kishimoto, ASPCA, Zio Ziegler and more. You can also search Vans by the following sports:

  • Skate
  • Surf
  • Snow
  • BMX

Vans Custom Shoes

Vans offers customers the ability to customize their shoes, backpacks and hats. You will be able to buy customized shoes that have been designed by others or you can design and customize your shoes with the following options:

  • Pick the shoe you want to customize
  • Quarter color or patterns
  • Side stripe
  • Heel counter
  • Toe cap
  • Eyebrow
  • Tongue
  • Laces
  • Collar lining
  • Foxing
  • Foxing stripe
  • Tongue binding
  • Size

Vans Customer Features

Vans offers their customers the following features:

  • Free shipping on orders of $49 and above in all 50 United States.
  • Customers can return unworn and unwashed items within 30 days of receipt for a full refund.
  • Vans accepts all major credit and debit cards plus PayPal.

Vans Customer Comments

Most customers have positive comments about Vans shoes including the following customer comments:

  • I used to be the type that always wore athletic shoes when on a whim, my mother bought me my first pair of vans. Not really realizing their true awesomeness, I let the shoes sit in my closet for a couple of months before I finally got around to wearing them. lets just say I was impressed. These shoes are AMAZING! That first pair got me hooked, I now have 5 pairs in a variety of styles and colors. I have to say, vans are my favorite brand of shoes at the moment. but on to the actual review of these shoes in particular…”
  • These are awesome shoes! There are no other shoes like them. They are very cushy and pretty comfy, they are good for school wear or for casual. And are easy to stain, so use scotch guard so they don't stain. So buy them they are a good investment.”
  • These shoes are several shades darker than shown in the picture. I love Vans and can still find stuff to match them with, which is the only reason I gave them 3 stars. If you need light gray Vans, do not buy, these are dark.”


Converse is a well known name in athletic shoes and is still a popular shoe for basketball and many other sports. Both shoe companies offer customers the ability to design and customize their shoes, but the Vans website was much easier to use at this time for customizing shoes. Vans also offers a product line of clothing and accessories in addition to their line of shoes.