Congratulations Messages on Passing Driving Test

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Congratulations Messages on Passing Driving Test! Have your friend, a family member just successfully passed the hardships of driving test and you want to text him/her and congratulate on this occasion.If you are struggling on what to send? Then simply u

Since passing the driving test is generally an achievement, congratulating someone who just passed the driving test is a kind gesture. In this article you will find an excellent collection of congratulation messages on passing driving test that you can use freely to congratulate someone. Read on to find the perfect congratulatory message on passing a driving test

1. Congratulations on passing the driving test! Many said it was a hard one but you have managed to pass the exam. You are incredible! So from today, you can now take and drive yourself anywhere you want. Enjoy your wheels and your freedom to drive! God bless!

2. Congratulations because I have heard the good news! You have passed your driving test and you own the road now! But a little advice from me, your foot on the pedal, your hands on the stirring wheel, eyes on the road and ears on the other vehicles and not on your mp3. Always keep it safe dear! Congrats again!

3. Congratulations on passing the driving test! You can now rive your own car on your way to office and home. No more catching up a cab or a bus. Just always remember, safe driving please! Follow traffic rules. I’m happy for you!

4. Congratulation for having your license and passing the driving test. You are now independent and you can drive your car alone. Just bear in mind that you should always stay relax and cool whenever there is traffic on the road. Congrats again!!

5. Hello! I’m happy to know that you have successfully passed the driving test. It’s really an achievement and I hope you will continue improving your driving skills as well. A friendly reminder from me, when you are in hurry and then a commuter who will ride on a bus just made you stop the car, remember my friend that once you were also like that. Easy on the road and be cool!

6. Wow! You can now drive without assistance? That’s cool! Congratulations for passing the driving test! You are so great! You again made me very proud of you. Safe driving and stay cool on the road. Obey traffic rules and enjoy driving! Congratulations again.

7. Well done for passing the driving test. I know how happy you are right now. Remember, driving is not like playing your old toys, driving is always associated and must do with safe and proper cautions. Drive safely my friend! God bless you always!

Passing the driving test is not easy to achieve, in fact it will require much of your time and effort in order to get your own driving license. So, share someone’s happiness who just passed the driving test by simply sending these congratulation messages on passing driving test via email, card or text. Happy wishing !  

Showing someone that passed their driving test can be a great confidence boost. Passing a driving test for many people can be a rather nerve wracking experience. The driving test officer can make anyone nervous, but once that test is passed and that special someone gets that license in their hand is a great feeling. Showing that you cared is always something they will remember. This also shows that you care about them and to remember to drive safely and that you care about them and their accomplishments. You can find all kinds of E-cards and regulars card at Hallmark, Just a nice gesture to let them know you thought about them.


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Posted on Jul 21, 2016
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