Congratulation Messages and Wishes for Doctorate/ PHD

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Congratulations Messages and wishes for Doctorate/ PHD! If you are searching for the best congratulation message that you can send for your friend or maybe a family member who just successfully done the doctorate or PhD degree, then you have reached the r

A thoughtful Doctorate or PhD congratulation message can really mean a lot to someone who has successfully and proficiently completed and graduated  his/her doctorate /PhD’s. Here you will find an excellent collection of congratulation messages for doctorate and PhD graduates which can be easily used to congratulate your friends or relatives on their completion of Doctorate or PHD. 

So stop searching as you have reached the right spot. I am sure you will find the perfect congratulation messages for doctorate or PhD right here. 

1) Congratulations for successfully completing your education and most importantly along with degree of PhD! Indeed you should consider this as one of your greatest achievement in life. I wish and I pray that you may you find real happiness and satisfaction as well, as you start making a new life. God bless you more!

2) Your amazing perseverance as well as your dedication has at last paid off! Accept my warmest though of congratulation!  I know that you can do it because ever since you have started studying I always believe in you. So, how about a party for that?

3) I am so delighted to know that you have already attained to reach what you ever wanted. You truly have proved your self-dedication and perseverance. I want to personally congratulate you for being such a huge success and setting a good example for other teens. All the best for your new life! Cheers!

4) It was great pleasure to hear that you have gained your PhD degree after all those years of hard works and hardships in school.  Remember your study cases and thesis? All now has been paid off! Congratulations! Let me say that your 100% self-dedication and perseverance has indeed brought you in this big success! I’m so proud of you!

5) My heartiest and warmest greetings and congratulations for making it until the end! You’ve just proved to us how strong and dedicated you are in achieving such success in life. Congratulations my dear friend and I’m sure that you are going to embrace numerous of beautiful opportunities out there. God bless!

6) Congratulations! You now got your PhD and that will be perfect for you as you shine. It really does reflect that “hard works and 100% dedication will pay you off in the near future. Now that your dreams and ambitions just came true, I wish and I simply pray that you will be the best person in whatever you do, whatever career you will choose. Congratulations! Cheers!

7) Hi friend! I just heard the good news and wow! I just can’t believe it that you now have a doctorate degree! I know from the beginning that you are the one! Moreover, I would also like to thank you for being such a good role model for our youngsters nowadays. Keep up the good work! God bless! 

If you can't find the right words, a funny E-Card is always a hit. JibJab is a great site that allows you to create personalized cards. You can use your graduate's picture to put them in hilarious situations.

Hope you liked reading this list of congratulations messages and wishes for Doctorate/ PHD. So what are you waiting for, choose the message which you like the best and use it to convey your congratulatory wishes and greetings to congratulate your friends or relatives on their completion of Doctorate of PHD.