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Concor 5Mg (Bisoprolol Fumarate) Tablets

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Concor 5Mg (Bisoprolol Fumarate) Tablets

Active ingredient: bisoprolol fumarate


Concor 5mg

Each film-coated Concor 5mg tablet contains:

Bisoprolol fumarate USP.......5 mg

Colours used: Ferric Oxide USPNF (Yellow) & Titanium Dioxide IP / USP


Bisoprolol Fumarate, the active ingredient present in Concor tablets, is a beta one-selective-adrenoceptor blocking agent, missing essential invigorating and appropriate membrane alleviating action. It only demonstrates very low similarity to the beta two-receptor of the soft muscles of bronchi ana vessels along with the beta two-receptors responsible for metabolic instruction. As a result, Bisoprolol Fumarate is normally not to be anticipated to control the airway conflict and beta two-mediated metabolic actions. Its beta one-selectivity expands past the remedial dose range.



Bisoprolol (Concor 5Mg) is more or less (greater than 90 %) absorbed from the GI tract and, for the reason of its minute first pass absorption of just about 10 percent, has a bio availability of more or less 90 percent after oral use. The bio availability is not influenced by food ingestion. Concor tablets demonstrates linear kinetics and the plasma absorptions are directly proportional to the dosage administered above the dose range of 5-20 mg. Max plasma absorptions takes place within 2 to 3 hrs.


Bisoprolol is widely disseminated. The degree of division is 3.5 l per kg. Binding to plasma proteins is roughly around 30 percent.


Bisoprolol fumarate is broken down through oxidative path with no consequent conjugation. All metabolites, are very polar, are discharged renally. The foremost metabolites in human plasma in addition to urine were established to be devoid of pharmacological action. In vitro data from clinical studies in human liver microsomes demonstrate that Concor tablets is largely broken down through CYP 3A4 (-95 percent) with CYP 2D6 having only an insignificant task.


The discharge of bisoprolol is 'balanced' between renal eradication of the unaffected drug molecule ( about 50 percent) along with hepatic metabolism ( about 50 percent) to metabolites which are also discharged via Kidney. The whole clearance of Concor tablets is just about 15 l/h. Concor 5Mg has an eradication 1/2 life of 10 to 12 hrs.

Concor 5Mg Indication

• Treating of hypertension or high BP

• Treating angina pectoris

• Treating of stable chronic heart failure


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